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 The Ancient Gods invasion is starting!09.10.2017 08:25

Heroes of  Ogriy and  Khair! You have approached the long-awaited hour when Unarius returned to Faeo without putting your swords down for a minute. And the moment has finally come! The  Necromancer and  Koeshu have begun the summoning ritual. However, one should not hope that the mere appearance of the great magician will dispel the menacing clouds that have closed the horizon. Unarius will only reveal us the enemie's face, but believe us, it is one terrible face. Whom has the secret cult that has declared war on Humans and Magmars raised from the tomb? Ancient Zarlog Gods! Now these monsters led by Eshu himself are ready to turn Faeo into a desert where the wind plays with the ashes and howls inside broken skulls! Are we going to let this madness become true? To arms, warriors!

The second stage of the event, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of «War of Dragons», «Invasion of Ancient Gods», is starting. You need to pass the «Unarius Accepts the Challenge» initiation quest, available to warriors that have reached level 3 to be able to participate in this stage. The  Necromancer and  Koeshu are already waiting for you to help them with the ritual and meet the great magician! You can always check your current goal in this quest on the promotional page.

You will be able to donate various gifts required for mantaining Unariuses magical powers to the Elders of  Dartrong and  O'Delvays. You are entitled to worthy rewards for this, but you will not be able to fill the storage with your donations. There are breaks between the receptions of different types resources, which are indicated in the table on the promotional page.

After completing the initiation quest and the «Hunting the Gods» quest you will gain the ability to teleport to the Tomb of Ancient Gods hidden beneath the desert sands. There you will have to fight the incarnations of the resurrected Zarlog deities, whom the treacherous Eshu has driven mad and subjugated. You will gain Anniversary Defender reputation points for defeating them, however the victory over the incarnation of the same god will bring less and less points each time. You can see the reward for the next kill, as well as the counter of your wins on the promotional page of the event.

Starting today, when entering the game, you will receive the «Faeo Defender Spirit» blessing. It lasts 7 days and is updated every time you log into the game.
It's time to give a good rebuff to the enemy, warriors!
Temper your blades in the black blood of the resurrected gods!
Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

11. Inanna 09.10.2017 21:41
hello, maybe explain why some ppl have bless and some not ? all need to­ have,right ? fix it please, thx
12. Lord Rahl 09.10.2017 22:30
Maybe - if someone logged on today before this event (quest) start, cant get­ blessing and need wait for tomorow. Only that one who logged first time today­ after event start get blessing.
13. Pulsar 09.10.2017 22:48
53000 hp for a lvl 4 to kill .... gg admin
14. Berserkas 09.10.2017 22:55
Group up :D
15. liam321 09.10.2017 22:57
yup it's not just "a lvl 4" it's 5 lvl 4s with a damage damage­ buff, so just equip all vamps
16. Asyix 10.10.2017 01:02
00:57 You have bought the following items from the shop: Small Sack of­ Anniversary Coins 1 pcs. Thank you for your custom! but i have­ nothing in my backpack, please help me Lisad !!!
17. UnderDarkDemon 10.10.2017 02:11
lvl 21 god with 52k health and every swing i took at it did 0 damage yeah if­ this event isnt a joke i dont know what is.
18. AtALaNtE1 10.10.2017 10:23
ben ne olduğunu anlayamadım, 21 lvl yaratık ve hp 52k ,­ vuruş 1 hasar :))) grup ile de olsa kesilemez bence lol
19. Lisad 10.10.2017 11:45
You get the blessing with your first login into the game everyday. Starting from­ level 3.
20. zAquisgran 12.10.2017 10:02
will that be closed without warning again or how do i know when to beat Gods­ last time before end of stage? There is kind of a time beam on promotional page­ - but without figures! What does it mean? Timeline? Number of God Kills in­ total? >>>> when is that stage closed please? ... Thanks
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