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 News from Chroniclers!12.10.2017 10:14

Warriors! Exciting news have arrived from the Chroniclers offices of   Ogriy and Khair. The long-awaited and desired Library update is slowly happening!



We want to present you some of the corrections and the new guides and articles that we have made in the last month:




We are currently working on a full Rune Guide to make sure you're upgrading your armour to the maximum, a Symbols guide so that you put the best combinations on your items, Spark of heavenly fire guide, to update the Chess guide for level 19-20 among other cool stuff!


But we still need your help in order to make the Library great so don't forget that your thoughts are welcomed. If you see any untranslated Russian text in-game or in the library, dont forget to post it in the Russian text forum thread. If you encounter anything that might be a bug or broken or incorrect, you have the Broken stuff forum thread. Lastly, and related the more to our work, if you see any articles in Library that might need an update or if you think that some article is missing, but would be a good addition, please share it on the Broken Library forum thread.

We still got a long road ahead of us
but we will not give up! Stay tuned for more updates!

Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

11. orrin 13.10.2017 14:11
i meant the lvl 11 lvl 16 mage guide page :D
12. orrin 14.10.2017 02:06
also please consider add a satiety buff info - so i dont have to check what­ satiety+ i got :D
13. orrin 14.10.2017 16:14
1 more thing: can make /instinfo list of instances information sendable to other­ players in chat? so we dont have to check and copy and paste and send
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