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 Private Sale is Open!13.11.2017 10:00

Warriors, the merchants have just opened doors to the private sale! Let's have a look at what they have to offer.

The following new items will be available during this sale:



Also on sale are new Master Spirit Spheres: Master Executioner Spirit Sphere, Master Healer Spirit Sphere, Master Locksmith Spirit Sphere. They will help you increase your skill in executioner, healer and locksmith professions.

Merchants have added a new scroll to the shop: Magic Wand Enhancing Scroll will help you gain unspeakable advantage in battle!

Hurry up and stock on the magic amulets that were previously available only for the best of the warriors and are now on sale for a limited time! With their help you will be able to summon a very powerful wraith to help you in a fight once a day.

Sleeping Ring of revealing Evil thoughts will also be available for purchase for every owner of Invitation to a private sale.


At the private sale you can purchase unique style armor with animation, one for each gender! You can also gift them to another player. Make your friends and significant others happy!



For the most eager and hard-working resource gatherers there are Evil Eye Pot, Dormant Ring of Shadow Seeking, Resource Gatherer Gloves available.



You can visit the sale in the Premium Shop only if you have Invitation to a private sale!

Remember, that with the start of the private sale, in order to receive the Invitation to a private sale you will now need to purchase 200 from the banker!
The sale will remain open until November 20th, 12:00!

Happy shopping, warriors!

Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. Arryak 13.11.2017 14:29
Wow, great lol and we need an invitation for this kind of shit^^
2. _Angel Of Death_ 13.11.2017 16:06
Resources Fair Please...
3. -ForSak3n- 13.11.2017 17:11
4. darius darkstar 13.11.2017 23:43
lol can we get something for those of us who dont buy hundreds of diamonds a­ month? maybe give the regular players a chance... just a thought:)
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