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 Decisive battle with Evil27.11.2017 11:00

Brave warriors of Faeo! Shiko the Paladin managed to discover the hiding place of the Chion Warlock. It is time to destroy the forces of evil and the warlock himself!
The palladin invites brave warriors to join him in the decisive battle with the damned enemy.
Fight will take place: 
For warriors 3-6 levels – at 11:00
For warriors 7-10 levels – at 13:00 
For warriors 11-15 levels – at 15:00 
For warriors 16 level and higher – at 17:00 
Put on your armor, equip your elixirs and scrolls, take your weapons – and go to Shiko, who with the help of magic spell will teleport you to the warlock's hiding place in an instant.

Attention! All the participants of the battle will receive Liche Coins and Premium Elexirs as a reward after the battle's end. In addition, a quarter of the players in each battle who has dealt the more damage to the rest of the participants will receive 77 Mithril Palms and an Absolute Ephemeral Necrus Sphere (can be used with a Simple Necrus Sphere) from Shiko as a reward at the end of the event.

Important! The reward for the battle will not depend on the amount of summoned undead that have been defeated. The availability of the tasks will be closed with the end of the main stage and the opening of the event store on November 28 at 12:00.
Defenders of Faeo! The fate of our world is in your hands!
Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. -Moya- 27.11.2017 12:37
hour really not good, for people who work or who study...
2. Terra Incognita 27.11.2017 12:59
Cmon.. what the hell is up with that timing.. Could have at least notified a day­ earlier....
3. -Pearl- 27.11.2017 14:54
In addition, a quarter of the players in each battle who has dealt the more­ damage to the rest of the participants will receive 77 Mithril Palms and an­ Absolute Ephemeral Necrus Sphere So no chance to win if u are not the­ highest level in your levelgroup^^ not really fair! Or?
4. -Sasgaard- 27.11.2017 15:33
16+ in same fight so how do you expect 16 and 17 to be in the quarter doing the­ most damage? Basically you gonna give the rewards to level 19s and maybe a­ couple of buffed up 18s....
5. -TheRiddle- 27.11.2017 15:46
damage is significantly higher for lower levels in the level group
6. _Angel Of Death_ 27.11.2017 17:06
Ressources fairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
7. Forbiden1 27.11.2017 18:30
why can't they ever do these on the weekends?
8. UnderDemon 27.11.2017 21:17
would have been nice if they told us the times in advance so more of us could­ have took part this was just sad
9. UnderDemon 27.11.2017 23:15
ummm task to kill zombies cant be done when you guys remove them from maps lol
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