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 Event Rewards Shop and November Bags28.11.2017 12:00

Thanks to the bravery and decisiveness on the defenders of the World of Faeo undead army with its insidious leader, Chion Warlock, was defeated.



Shiko the Paladin highly appreciates warriors' efforts to free their homeland from the zombies invasion, and is ready to give rewards to everybody without exception. Each warrior who helped even a tiny bit will be able to receive various rewards from the Necrus Sphere (such as Premium Elexirs, Belts, Golden Coins and amulets to summon the creepy, but cute pet Mummy) within the next 6 months.



Warriors who tirelessly helped to defend the world of Faeo and deserved a bunch of Mithril Palm, will be able to exchange them for even more valuable rewards at the City Fairs: whole boxes with elixirs and battle potions, the opportunity to improve the Necrus Sphere and strengthen the pet, sets of unique armor, amulets of powerful summons, nutritious food and other useful gifts!


Notice a curious detail: this year you will receive a new reward, thematic statuettes, which give you seasonal achievements and daily rewards for their use. After receiving 3 of any «Favour of the Monkey» achievements, you will have at your disposal a unique pet, having received 4 more achievements, you can improve it to «Green», and having collected all 12 achievements, improve it to «Blue».


If you don't have enough Mithril Palm visit shops at  Chigrik's and  Gloum's! You can exchange Mithril Palm for various rewards till December 12!

It is time to exchange Mithril Palm for valuable and useful artifacts!

- More about event rewards

Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. Vanya 28.11.2017 12:06
Where's the option to upgrade the necrus sphere?
2. -_MiShKy_TiNg_- 28.11.2017 12:07
necrus sphere missing :D
3. Lisad 28.11.2017 12:11
The Sphere is not missing, it just needs some time to update.
4. TiSi 28.11.2017 12:15
:D Still better than the 10th anyversary
5. Black_Light 28.11.2017 13:15
this item is also missing from the shop­ (Satiation Knapsack)
6. Brute 28.11.2017 15:37
remember that resource fair that ru has had like 3 of since our last 1?
7. TheraOne 28.11.2017 19:01
damn, missing 27 more palms to upgrade to purple :((( damn monkey, should not­ buy that lmao
8. -Fallen- 28.11.2017 19:14
get rekt by the monkey
9. -Grahf- 29.11.2017 09:08
6g spent for dark knapsack. got my missing 25 palms.
10. bla3de 29.11.2017 11:38
ıou event it has been 3 months
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