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 Stop the winter threat!04.12.2017 14:00

Update! New Year Coins are now dropping in Faeo!

Traditionally, with the advent of the winter, residents of Faeo start collecting snow, in order to help the Spirit of Christmas materialize as a snowman. Insidious Snowger became aware of this tradition and decided to use negative aura at the continents, that was accumulated due to the hostility and intrusion.

Thanks to their efforts the Spirit of Christmas materialized as a horrifying snow monster and appear in  Luan Coast and  Terror Wharf sooner than expected. In order to defeat evil charms and free the good spirit, you have to defeat his evil entity.

As usual, the rulers of the continents delegate the task to stop the invasion of evil Snowgers to warriors under the leadership of  Gidver and  Damirus. At warlords' request you have to bring to the alchemists Snowger Branches, so that they could make Ever-burning Heat Potion – the best weapon to fight snow monsters. If you are able to get Battlefield Moss on the battlefields,  Veddun and  Cagliostro will make christmas fight elixirs for you.

When defeating Snowger, it is possible that you will receive Magic Snowflake!

Elders  Baguron and  Verkiriy are hoping for warriors help in search for celebratory decorations for the christmas trees. You will be able to find tree decrations pratically everywhere in the world of Faeo. Bring tree decoratins to the elders – and receive Magic Snowflake and Ginger Mead as a reward.

New Year is already around the corner and it's time to think about gifts for friends and acquaintances. Thanks to Korundum and Esmeril's generous offer, the warriors of Faeo have an excellent opportunity to prepare unique winter souvenirs for themselves and their clan buddies. Jewelers promise to cut out emerald refined luxury fortresses from the glittering ice, which will not only be a continuation of the collection of military trophies, but also a symbol of solidarity and strength of your military alliance.
Entrust the the deal with Korundum and Esmeril about creating carved locks to the head of your clan, but providing the masters with the necessary materials is the duty of the whole clan. The jewelers will need a special Northern Ice, which can be found in snowdrifts or among the snow slides that remain from the Snowgers you have defeated. And remember: the skillfulness the gift will be depends on the amount of ice debris extracted by the clan!


Right now is the time to set up in the estates your own Christmas tree, which will be guarded by forest eldrick. The nimble little animal will be busy with the decoration of the festive tree, so every day it will have new requests for you.



And the more requests of the eldrick you will fulfill, the more generous it will be later with pleasant surprises. All kinds of gifts from the fire-tailed animal you will find under the Christmas tree!

ATTENTION! Clan statistics are updated once a day. The changes about handing in the resource during the day, you will be able to see in the beginning of each subsequent day.

Important! New Year coins will become available later, stay tuned for more news!

Defenders of Faeo! If you don't stop Snowgers, Faeo may tunr to the kingdom of eternal winter! Chistmas won't happen unless its spirit appears as a good snowman!
Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

11. -Shiro- 04.12.2017 17:47
are snowgers supposed to not give xp? is there a trick or something?
12. Berserkas 04.12.2017 17:56
they're level 1, so... I'd say they don't give xp from level 5
13. -Shiro- 04.12.2017 18:00
14. -Shiro- 05.12.2017 21:03
guess they learned from last event with coins, they lowered the chance,­ can't have people get money without paypalling, gotta pump those dias­ purchase numbers.
15. -Olivier- 05.12.2017 23:09
What did u do again ... I killed 256 beasts for 2 bleu coins and 8 greens­ :buee: This game became more greedy !!! I'm sick of that,­ last year it was better, just pathetic to see what happened the game in 1 year,­ 300g for a red tool now they changed many things, for example about­ probabilities when there are good events. You has changed probabilities­ to get coin !!! Just Sh*t ! Good game !
16. nicaea 07.12.2017 07:37
I have no tree in estate : (
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