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 Santa and Snow Maiden elections!08.12.2017 13:00

Brave fighters! Lovely warriors! You heard about it in the song of the cheerful winter wind... You were told about this by the cheerful winter birds flying to a treat... Mirror's bright rays, turning ice crystals into elegant lamps, also gave a hint... The long-awaited New Year is approaching, and you have the chance to become the face of the coming holidays!


In other words, we announce the start of the contest for the most popular Santa Claus and Snow Maiden! When carrying out daily tasks, you receive felted boots and muffs as reward. These you can send to your most liked Santa or Snow Maiden! The number of votes in in all registered players profiles will determine who will pass to the final!


The competition consists of two stages:

First stage (from December 06th untill December 27th): the players with the highest number of votes will be identified, based on the "Number of received boots / mittens" characteristics (available in the character information) . As a result of the first stage, 3 male and 3 female players from each race will be selected.

Second stage (from December 27th until December 29th): the winners will be determined by a voting on the forum. On December 29, the awarding ceremony and announcement of the winners will begin!

Hurry! The election of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden has already begun!

Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. Narcissus 06.12.2017 15:05
2. Wonder Fool 06.12.2017 15:58
and pleeeeease don't tell us what it's good for, as we so much like­ surprises... second question: it says: from dec 06. on, but before it­ allready said "...has been counted for..."... so all someone got before­ are wasted? ommmnommm nommm
3. -Olivier- 06.12.2017 16:34
4. Ice Storm 06.12.2017 16:34
Wooooohoooo !! What's this so AMAZING event !!! I'm­ sooooooooo excited­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­ <3<3<3 ICE Boooooooooooooom !!! WOohoo­ !! I'm so excited !! thanks to the game, so AMAZING !
5. RayzenMC 06.12.2017 17:02
6. Berserkas 06.12.2017 17:32
Fun times.
7. TiSi 06.12.2017 17:47
All I wanted was a DRAGON INSIGNIA Event! :(
8. -Fallen- 06.12.2017 19:54
Popularity contest in wod so cool and fair on the same time lol
9. No Pain No Gain 06.12.2017 20:46
to put events that everyone does not care you are strong! Be careful for­ Christmas you could see the community dwindling
10. -Otrac- 06.12.2017 21:08
i can to be the father fourra?please : )
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