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 Get Ready for the Trade Journey09.01.2018 14:00

Great time has come for those who like making great deals on the lands of Ogriy and Khair. Soon both continents will be filled with overseas goods; the Great Trading Journey has started!


Galash the Merchant and Squire Voldemar are getting their ships ready to sail. Help fill their holds with different gifts of nature from your continent, and the merchants will reward you generously with their IOUs.

When the travelers are back you will be able to exchange IOUs for the goods they will have brought with them. You haven't seen goods like that before!

Participants of the Trading Journey won't be disappointed! You will be greatly rewarded once the ships will return to the ports!
Author: Lisad

1. Akarulez 09.01.2018 14:54
"You can give resources during the entire stage (2 times in 24 hours). Some­ others just once a day". Ok. We usually could find the times of the­ available delivers in our recurring quests. We haven't them anymore. When­ does the shop reset then?
2. Asyix 09.01.2018 17:20
- Read more about the Event in the Library
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