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 Happy New Year from Help Structures!31.12.2017 23:00

Another year has come to an end and we all are looking into the year to come with great hopes!

It has been a very windy and stormy at times 2017 and first of all we would like to thank all of the players who still stick loyal to our game and keep it alive with their feedback and other colourful comments on the forum. We know it is not always easy to stay positive, yet you still stay strong. So, thank you for that!

Now let us have a look back into 2017. The first big change came in summer when Lisad has joined the Administration team and has become our new Community Manager. All in all we can agree that she did bring a lot positive changes. Even if not all might agree to some decisions and there is still a long way to go. One of her big challenges was to reinstall a new team of Human Guards which are now finally flowering and growing and can start working as an own team again under their new lead.

Other challenges became priority, such as updating the Library. A new Chroniclers team has been built and did a great job already. Their biggest goal: turn the COM Library into the most up-to-date and informative library of all servers!

Another task was to organize more events on our server, not only forum events, but also some exciting in-game events and we already have some in planning for 2018! Therefore the Jesters team has been expanded. Stay tuned for more news!
Of course, we also had setbacks but all in all it was a very successful year for all volunteers and we all hope that with our initiative and commitment we can contribute to make 2018 a successful year for you too!

Well, it's been enough talking already. All Guards and Mentors, Chroniclers, Jesters and Consecrators wish you all an awesome Happy New 2018 Year!
Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

11. -Mor- 01.01.2018 02:45
Happy new year to you too, staff!! :cheers:
12. pompieru 01.01.2018 05:16
La multi ani 2018 tuturor !!!
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