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 Evil from the Deep Down06.06.2018 13:00

New trouble is brewing in the lands of Faeo! Mysterious seeds that were planted by the evil forces have started blooming.



From the swollen purple seeds gigantic disgusting tentacles are now sprawling out onto the light, as if a giant underground creature have released thousands of wriggling sprouts. Horrendous tentacles are viciously attacking unwary travelers and careless citizens of Faeo, who are falling victims to the fatal embrace of these enormous sprouts.



Abandoning their sleep and rest Elders are tirelessly trying to find out what could have caused these horrifying events to happen in the world of Faeo and how to get rid of the nightmarish sprouts once and for all.


Brave protectors of the world of Faeo! You must defend your lands from this evil by any cost! Elders  Baguron and  Verkiry await your help in the Capitals. And as fearless alchemists are playing an important part in the investigation of mysterious appearance of evil seeds and those horrifying tentacles, after completing the tasks of Elders warriors should pay a visit to Галерея изображений онлайн игры Легенда: Наследие Драконов Cagliostro and Галерея изображений онлайн игры Легенда: Наследие Драконов Veddun. There's still a chance of something good coming out of all this evil! 



Also the leaders of "Night Stealers" Галерея изображений онлайн игры Легенда: Наследие Драконов Elusive Shuan and Галерея изображений онлайн игры Легенда: Наследие Драконов Phinko the Sage want to make an offer from their clan: for a suitable price they can acquire some Chaos Tentacles for you.

Come forward to help Faeo! This will not be an easy fight!

New stage of this massive event awaits you!

- Read more about the event in Game Library

Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. _-PunISheR-_ 06.06.2018 13:53
when the june even't will take place pls ?
2. Dan1lov1 06.06.2018 14:37
its earlyyy for june event chill
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