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 Magic storm in the Acient Temple!13.07.2018 13:00

Warriors! Many of you have long been fighting in the Ancient Temple and know the rules of this ancient battlefield well. But today something incredible has happened! The magical elements seemed to rebel in the depths of the Temple, giving rise to a real storm! This outrage of the elements has changed the usual rules, when you enter the Battlefield you will receive 10 Gift of Power blessings while the Magical Storm lasts in the Temple of the Chosen!

Winning battles against other players, you can lose these blessings. One blessing is lost for each opponent who has received more damage from you than from any other participant, as a result of your fight won by your team (similar to the rules of trophy hunters reputation).

This rule works during the whole duration of this copy of the Ancient Temple, or until the victory of one of the parties. Every time you start a new battle in the new Temple, you will receive ten Gifts of Power again.

You will also have double valor and no-break during the weekend in the Acient Temple!

You can find out the duration of the event in the «Events» section
of the «Current events» tab.
Don't waste time, hurry up to fight in the Ancient Temple, while the Magical Storm lasts and experience the power of the Gifts of Power!

Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. Battl3K1ng69 13.07.2018 13:14
2. GastarbeiteR 13.07.2018 14:05
Yet another weekend, yet another trash event. Guess we don't have any chance­ of getting the old events back.
3. _Hunterskull_ 13.07.2018 14:35
another 13-14 level event and 14 level humans crushing 13 levels­ easily­ 23712667&finish=1­ nstance_id=23712565&finish=1­ outside=1&instance_id=23712434&finish=1 do it 13-13 and 14-14­ there is enough player for it. check rating lists who online for last 3 days and­ what level etc. yes it is not say exactly who join bf's but it is enough­ player to join at there. at least beter than cc storm event. but still i want­ to change level ranges.
4. Tzunami 13.07.2018 14:46
We are missing GB events!
5. -Princess Peach- 13.07.2018 21:57
thank you for organizing these events this helps a lot with getting valor :)
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