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 Unity Crystal09.08.2018 12:00

Defenders of Faeo! Work boils day and night in the foreign fortresses as combat brotherhoods are striving to expand their possessions and to derive the maximum benefit from the buildings. We hurry to bring you great news! Starting from today you can build a new building in the  Clan Citadel.

The Unity Crystal will allow you to automatically receive new daily tasks. To perform these tasks, you will need to be in the same group as your clan members. With the help of the new building you will be able to receive the Clan Unity Tokens and exchange them for new products in the shop.

You will be able to find the Unity Crystal I Sketch in the Stone Architect Shop. And in order to build a Unity Crystal you will need a third level Town Hall and a number of resources:
Construction cost: Clan energy 1500
Board 400
Construction Stone 400
Sheet of Iron 400
Elemental Amalgamation 70
Elm 0
Spider Glue 0

Clan Unity Tokens can be exchanged for the following goods in the Arsenal section of the Citadel Shop:

(weapons can only be used in Clan Wars and in battles for fortresses)
Only the first level of the Unity Crystal building is available to you at the moment. Once the opportunity to improve this building is added to the game, goods in the shop will be renewed and new daily tasks will appear aswell.
Let the new building of your clan become the guarantor of your unity, prosperity and power!

Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. **Nurosh** 09.08.2018 12:22
Where do you get the clan task ?
2. Lisad 09.08.2018 13:02
3. ikke1990 09.08.2018 14:36
cant find the shop
4. StronGeR-- 09.08.2018 17:46
Clan Unity Tokens can be exchanged for the following goods in the Arsenal­ section of the Citadel Shop: Citadel shop my friends, Clan citadel­ shop Thank u for great building
5. liam321 09.08.2018 17:55
The weapons can only be used in clan wars or fortress, but the clan wars that­ were supposed to happen in July have vanished and fortress has been unavailable­ since April :lol:
6. Nefertiti 09.08.2018 17:57
@**Nurosh**, after construction, go to Events>> Activity, then another­ tab is available now "Clan". As pointed by the news, the task its­ refreshed daily.
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