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 Brotherhood of the brave results12.09.2018 14:30

The exciting competition organized by the «Night Stealers» in memory of the glorious days when the legendary brotherhood was born, when thanks to the bravery and determination ordinary Humans and Magmars the orcs were expelled from Faeo, is over.
Representatives of the clans have been fighting on the battlefields in order to obtain precious points, Orch heads, and lead their militant alliance to victory within three weeks.
Phinko the Sage and Elusive Shuan kept a strict account of the Orch heads they got and are ready to announce the winners of the tournament:

MIB -  8006 Orch heads
Children of Chaos4765 Orch heads
Alliance4226 Orch heads
The names of brave warriors of these fighting alliances will be inscribed in the history of the «Night Stealers» competitions, and the triumphants themselves will be at the disposal of powerful riding beetles for a whole month:
5-8 level warriors - Jade Aranag,
9-11 level warriors – Azurian Aranag,
warriors from level 12 – Crimson Aranag
Also, all participants of the winning clans will receive foodd for Aranag for 300 battles. To obtain the Aranag, you must be in the clan for at least two weeks by the end of the event.
The mercenaries thank the fighters of all the clans who took part in the tournament, for their dedication, the desire for victory and the exciting battles.
Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

11. **Nurosh** 12.09.2018 16:31
12. DeCrypt 12.09.2018 19:43
Orc Heads 4160 such a bad luck
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