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 Clan Wars Announcement!12.09.2018 15:00

Brave Warriors! It is time for warriors to be able to challenge themselves and bring fame to their clans!

On September 17 a new season of Clan Wars begins for players of all levels and we invite you to become patrons of the competition!

All 2 stage clans will be able to participate in Clan Wars. The rewards will be blesses, certificates for clan resources, and the prize fund in  gold, which will be devided between winning clans

Game administration already donated 2000 to the prize fund. However you can donate to the prize fund yoursleves, and become patrons of the competition! By purchasing Patron's chests, each time you will increase prize fund by  15.


When you first purchase Patron's chest you will receive new legendary achievement – Sponsor. Moreover, in Patron's chest you will find unique gifts, which you won't be able to get any other way!

Sale of Patron's chest will start in Premium shop from September 14th and will last utill November 5th.
Donate to the Prize Fund!
Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. Luinill Wolfkai 12.09.2018 16:06
IOU event?
2. Akarulez 12.09.2018 16:23
magic moulds?)
3. Mattel 12.09.2018 17:51
lol like always, we demand X event and we get Y event (obviously the most­ unwanted event along with diamond ones)
4. _Angel Of Death_ 12.09.2018 18:48
moulds? this 19th will be 2 months without them
5. DeCrypt 12.09.2018 19:51
Sale of Patron's chest has already started in Premium shop from today,­ September 14th and will last utill November 5th.
6. DeCrypt 12.09.2018 19:52
today is 14.09 ? great great great..... please put some effort on your job
7. Dahna 13.09.2018 11:49
clan war start in 4 days .... maybe some infos? hours, days, rules since they­ change often ...
8. GastarbeiteR 16.09.2018 21:07
They are, and have been since the beginning, at 8 pm game time every Monday,­ Wednesday and Friday until the admins announce otherwise. Plus, I'm sure­ they'll announce tomorrow.
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