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 Magic storm in Chaotic Battles!14.09.2018 14:00

A magical storm, distorting the reality of our usual world has erupted on the Scorched Lands, what means that the rage of the original energy has reached the Chaotic battles! The raging elements change the rules of the game, and no one knows if they will find the blessing of the ancient heroes or fall prey to a curse...

From now until the end of the event at the start of the Chaotic battles, the participants will be able to touch the sorcerous sword of the fallen hero that has remained among the stones and sand from time immemorial... The brave souls who have risked to touch it will acquire a Chaos Gift, that for the time of battle will either endow the fighter with an unprecedented force, or draw a witch's curse on them... And before the fight begins, it's impossible to find out which side luck turned to you!

Those who do not want to risk in vain can simply not touch the sword and play by the old rules. But the power of Chaos is worth it to trust in fate! Check out the favor of fortune, luck can bring you a quick victory...

You will also have double valor and no-break during the weekend in Chaotic Battles!

Risk to receive the Gift of Chaos!

Author: Lisad

1. Serhad- 14.09.2018 14:41
2. --Olaf-- 14.09.2018 15:13
3. ForSak3n 14.09.2018 16:46
So dissappointing Magic Storm Chaotics really should atleast be hourly otherwise­ event having the normal 7 per day is nothing special and certianly not even a­ sprinkle of rain. 01:05 1-st battle 03:05 2-nd battle 10:05 ­ 3-rd battle 12:35 4-th battle 15:35 5-th battle 19:05 6-th­ battle 21:35 7-th battle. so most will make maybe 1-2 a day :(
4. LE LOUP 14.09.2018 18:03
come on pffff
5. -Septimus- 14.09.2018 22:13
chaotic for lv 3+ 4? xD
6. TNF Naimer 15.09.2018 15:49
*Gets +65% damage, still deals the same damage* Great job! :D
7. - Temper - 15.09.2018 21:26
How about magic storm in plat and scrap this one please ? Like...forever ?
8. alex1232298 15.09.2018 21:51
Get -50% damage, still deals the same damage :dance:
9. -donker- 16.09.2018 14:05
i don't think that Admins understand what we really want :( , just make ­ warofdragons like the year before , more and more player stop playing this game­ causse it begin to break the head or maybe causse they have other thing to do­ than play the game , I remember me when chaotic started without extra valour or­ something else , first don't give extra blessing for chaotic , if for player­ it is expsensiev to buy blessing that is his probleme , they just need to think­ how to keep money for buying alot of blessing, i see only chaotic from mages ,­ not from low lvl if it don't work just stop wth this even causse ad put a­ new event .
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