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 Foreign goods at the Trade Fairs11.01.2019 12:00

Warriors of Faeo, the trading journey has come to an end! Barely alive and with all the goods intact  Squire Voldemar and  Galash the Merchant have finally arrived to the shores of their home continents.

With the help of brave warriors the merchants have managed to save most of the goods from the filthy pirates.  Voldemar and  Galash have brought the foreign goods to the Trade Fairs and now the lucky owners of IOUs are invited to a shopping spree.

Those who managed to stock up enough IOUs can now purchase Dawn Luck Charm and Dusk Luck Charm that will bring luck to their owner and deprive the enemy of it, elixirs that grant additional bonuses for your profession, emulsions that helps you get rid of negative effects, Wraith Incarnators, Transformation Powders and even a Little Gryphon! Also you can now buy Spark of the Heavenly Fires and Ancient Zarlog Amulets!

This time the merchants have decided to surprise you, so in addition to the cuirasses that they usually bring, they delivered Artful Chainmails, Pauldrons and Bracers!

But think carefully before acquiring, since this equipment will become non-transferable after purchasing!
Hurry up and exchange your IOUs into foreign wonders!
  You can find the duration of the event in the «Events» tab of the top menu bar!
Author: Lisad

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