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 Love is in the Air07.02.2019 12:00

If you smell a scent of spring in the air when it is still winter in the calendar, if a smile involuntarily appears on your face, if brave warrioresses or warriors seem to you incredibly pretty – it means that, St. Valentine's Day is soon to come! Hurry to Tindoline the Fairy – winged sorceress, who will lead you through the mysterious paths of love and help you find your second half! Eventhough Fairy's tasks may be hard at times - can that really be an obstacle for a true warrior?

You shouldn't trust Tindoline with everything! You yourself can become a bringer of great news and tenderness. Equip yourself with Cupid's Bow and go hunt for lonely hearts! The more arrows will reach their targets, the better! Each shot gifts you with a gift of being able to collect Fragrant Kiss Flowers!

Guardian of Love Generous Heart Fighting For Love Master of Romantic Confessions Happiness to All

Earn unique achievements which you will be able to brag about among your friends! What is more, you will be able to make neat bouquets with Fragrant Kiss Flowers and give them to the local beauties. All female NPC of the World of Feao will be ready to receive this marvellous gift from you, in return they will award you with achievements and other gifts!

Additionally, you will gain Carved Heart during the event! Every day from January the 16th until the start of the rewards stage, along with the daily bonus you will receive 1 Carved Heart!
Don't hide your feelings, tell your loved ones that you love them! Have a great and merry day!

Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. - Natsu - 07.02.2019 16:29
Current goal: Obtain 2 portions of Collected Belladonna and 60 portions of­ Scorpion Bile, or 4 pieces Collected Mistletoe and 60 portions Scorpion Bile,­ then take everything to the Druid. got stuff in bag, nothing­ avaliable @druid... any clue?
2. Axind 07.02.2019 18:01
8 piece collected Mistletoe
3. COZYA-Nostra 14.02.2019 12:07
Carved Hearts received as prizes can be exchanged for valuable goods in Love­ Shops at City Fairs. doesn't work
4. COZYA-Nostra 14.02.2019 12:20
Current goal: Go to Berrush the Demonologist to learn more about the mysterious­ spirit.?? for magmars? are you serios?
5. COZYA-Nostra 14.02.2019 12:29
Go to demonolog to Faytvor

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