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 Oddities of the Festival Organiser07.10.2019 18:00

The Organiser keeps behaving in a more unusual manner every time. Incomprehensible words and phrases constantly slip through in his speech, and sometimes he falls into half-oblivion and keeps going on about some kind of “great return” and “punishing flame”. What is wrong with our dear festival organiser? Did he go a little crazy from the excessive burden of pre-holiday troubles? Or is there some type of insidious external influence? Is he sick? Under a spell? Or turned traitor?!

Chronicles preserve the memory of similar events that had once stirred up Faeo on the eve of an anniversary and that even put this world on the brink of destruction. So we must not ignore such suspicious oddities under any circumstances! Therefore, you have to personally find out everything, and, if necessary, take urgent and most stringent measures. After all, the Celebrations are just around the corner - the festival must not be jeopardized!
The Poisoned Celebration quest is available for warriors who have reached level 3 and only after completing the Preparations for a Hearty Celebration quest. You should not have active quests for the Organiser’s Unusual Requests quest.

The Searching for the Cure Recipe repeated quest will be available 4 times a day, but only after the Poisoned Celebration quest has been completed.

Do not let ill-wishers ruin the Legendary Twelve, warriors!"
Author: Acconitum

11. Sherian 08.10.2019 08:11
Someone can answer me please, I took the mission, but unfortunately the answers­ are written in Cyrillic. I have to kill monsters I understand, but do we have to­ kill under the influence of something? some potions something else, I kill 2­ hours and still no pages
12. Xo6oT 08.10.2019 08:49
no pages from monsters :rr:
13. akyr 08.10.2019 09:35
at least picking seems working ..but again the half of the quest in russian :/
14. -?tachi- 08.10.2019 10:56
i cant get resources because im injured.Please make it work with monsters
15. zAquisgran 08.10.2019 11:31
"The door is locked. It looks like no one is home." Thats since­ around 12 hours now, so no idea how mission shall repeat 4 times per day?
16. Pussiecat 08.10.2019 12:16
2 hours hunting and not a sniff of a page and door is locked for me also
17. Lord Rahl 08.10.2019 13:29
I did it only with picking plants. No list drop from hunting.
18. Sherian 08.10.2019 14:49
all morning with monsters no pages, now tried with resources, 2 pages found
19. akyr 09.10.2019 10:27
hunting for Old Lists still not work, any plans to fix it?
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