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 Crossed Swords Tournament08.10.2019 15:00

Being strangers to fear and fatigue, courageous warriors are fighting on the vast vicinity of the World of Faeo. The life of the defenders of  Ogriy and  Khair is made of glorious victories and defeats, they can accept both success and failure with dignity. But what is the way to highlight best of the best amid many worthy? Warlords of the continents have found a solution. They invite skilled, brave and reckless warriors to participate in «Crossed Swords» tournament!



Participate in the battles on the battlefields ArenaTemple and Crystalline Ņaves, fight at Plateau of Silence and Ancient Plateau! Become best of the best through victories in battles! 


The tournament will be held in three stages.

During the first stage of the tournament you will have to engage in combat the worthiest warriors of both your and enemy race for leadership at the battlefields and all locations, where battles are possible. Each victory will bring a reward - Crossed Swords token.
The second stage is devoted to summarizing the results and announcing the winners. A Triumphator will be selected at each level, who will receive a special prize - artful bracers, corresponding to warriors's level. 
Also, for the 1st or 2nd place you'll receive 3 Tournament Winner Certificate, depending of your level.
For the 3rd place you'll receive 1 Tournament Winner Certificate, depending of your level.

3 =
Attention! The bracers will not be transferable!
During the third stage special shops on each continent will be opened. There all warriors that have received Crossed Swords token will be able to exchange them for unique items.
It is high time you got prepared for the tournament.
A wide variety of elixirs will be available during the course of the tournament in Premium Shop.
Take your place at the winners' podium! Participate in the epic tournament!
First stage of the event will take place from October 8th, 15:00 till October 22th 15:00.
Author: Acconitum, editor note: tceba

1. lamabojowaT250 08.10.2019 15:42
mhhh i hv lvl 14 purple bracers from chaotic both styles already... hope some­ ppl will go to BF or try put unbreakable amour on it
2. Morkai Scrunchya 08.10.2019 22:14
What is the reset time for purchase of effects in promotion shop? You remebered­ to adjust that , right?

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