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 Chat with the Mages14.01.2009 13:06

Dear warriors. You will see a new type of quest beginning to appear, allowing you to chat with Faeo's inhabitants.



For those who are not yet eligible to become War Mages, there is still a chance to speak with the powerful War Mages! The might and power of the mages, carriers of the various magics of the elements, is not in doubt. They have no equal in battle and are capable of summoning the power of   light shadows water air earth and  fire.




Many warriors strive to be like them, to undergo the trials and tribulations and receive the status of a mage, a master of the magic spells only available to mages. Few are fated to meet a genuine mage on their travels, let alone have the chance to ask questions and find out about the essence of their magic and what they are capable of. There are many rumours, tales and pure fantasy about Faeo's War Mages in which truth is at a premium. Now every warrior can chat with any of the mages, look him in the eye and converse about this or that, or whatever has long gnawed away at his soul. Particularly brave warriors can even battle with creatures created by the mages from their elements - Elementals.

Note: NPCs, where appropriate, can chat with you when they have no other tasks for you. Therefore, level 11 players and above must take and complete any other quests the mages have first.


1. fire81 15.01.2009 03:36
this is cool but why can u only learn magic at lvl 11
2.  16.01.2009 13:05
because u get magic at lvl 11 and above
3. tyrento 16.01.2009 14:06
Well i need magic lol
4. marishka 18.01.2009 07:23
very good
5. wombatpurple 24.01.2009 06:10
this is soooooo cool. lol
6. gohs 10.06.2009 03:19
ok gread
7. lmp9090 11.08.2009 01:06
if u can only get magic at level 11 then why do level sevens have mana
8. Arion I 25.09.2009 15:11
This is very interesting. But need more info as to what lvl the quests begin,­ even though u can only use magic at lvl 11 and beyong.
9. balgere 08.10.2009 23:35
i got majic by practicing with the mage dont insult them say good words and no­ matter wat lv l u can learn magic so make sure u beat them
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