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 Cloister of Virtue14.01.2009 13:05

The appearance of a new location in Faeo is good news for those who serve the ideals of virtue and justice, whose hearts and thoughts are pure and who are loyal to the Brotherhood of Virtue. The Brotherhood's Cloister has been declared open, a place which summons feelings of reverence and respect equalled only be feelings felt in the Sanctuary. Any sort of brute physical force is entirely out of place in the cloister and you will never hear the clash of swords or foul language that flies from the mouths of madmen.


Cloister of Virtue


It's a haven for those wish to do good in Faeo where they can discuss their ideas and plans, enlisting the support of like-minded brothers and sisters, and speak with the Brotherhood's founder, chief ideologist and governor, Norak the Virtuous.


Wise Norak has taken upon himself all duties of the Brotherhood, freeing up  Samuel the Cleric and  Pymen the Monk for their own important work. Henceforth, Norak is the chief brother, leader and representative of the Brotherhood. Norak the Virtuous has great faith in the ability of the Brotherhood's members to conduct the sacred war with evil, serving the great ideals that bind them together.

Note:  Ball-and-chains, curses, amulets of call, mirrors etc. do now work on the territory of the Cloister of Virtue, with the exception of the Bringers of Evil, on whom everything works as normal. Players who are not Bringers of Evil can thus shelter in the cloister from any sort of in-game aggression.


1. Chesh 14.01.2009 17:28
even Bringer of Devils < 500 ??
2. tayson 24.04.2009 19:38
i we are not Bringers of Evil or Brotherhood we dont have fight the conduct the­ sacred war with evil, serving the great ideals that bind them together.
3. concon1231 06.06.2009 11:49
he looks kool
4. jvorny 03.07.2009 11:15
It will not let me buy blessing to increase my rep.
5. mitso 14.09.2009 15:39
03.07.2009 10:15 It will not let me buy blessing to increase my rep.
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