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 New and valuable resources found!28.05.2009 05:42

The most renowned and experienced resource gatherers in the world of Faeo (those who already have reached skill level 150) have now learned to collect new, rare and exceptionally valuable resources! Professional herbologists have now harvested the first crops of Sighing Grass, the best amongst the geologists now can boast of having unearthed Dragon Blood from the bowels of Faeo. Skilled fishermen have also managed to catch the rare Crystal Sturgeon.


Alchemists, Jewelers and Sorcerers rub their hands in expectation of the very moment they can use these great ressources for their trades. Their enthusiasm was somewhat dampened when they learned that processing this new bounty of nature requires Enchanted Teeth, a catalyst only to be obtained at the  Wizard's Cottage and the Seer's Shop.

Painstaking work and the Enchanted Teeth will turn the Sighing Grass, the Dragon Blood and the Crystal Sturgeon into Collected Sighing Grass, Dragon Blood Dust and Magic Purple Ink.  


These intermediate products are extremely valuable  and can be used for a mass production of Talismans of Harmony, Elixirs of Stolen Life, Scrolls of Attack and Scrolls of Executioner. To create these items, the appropriate recipes are required. The recipes can be obtained while hunting the most powerful and dangerous monsters (levels 10 and 11).
Author: LowkeyLyesmith, editor note: Drolevil

1. dragon step 28.05.2009 19:43
ware are new pests and monsters
2. SilverWolf 01.06.2009 19:30
why the flower is more expensive that the stone and the fish? Its not­ fair!!! The collected sighing grass costs 9s and the dust is­ only 22cop ! The prices should be equal
3. mrn1220 06.10.2009 06:33
how do i collect plants
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