Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Game info Fight records
Race Humans
Victories 20648
Defeats 5152
Magmars slain 120
Rank Captain

Agility 109
Intuition 415
Protection 116
Strength 498
Vitality 350

Durability 240
Initiative 58

Intellect 168
Suppression 5
Will 11
Wisdom 398

Number of Felt Boots received 66
Number of Mittens received 58
Popularity 355

Serbian Fan 1

Victories in great battles 91
Participation in Great Battles 192
Maximum number of crits 125
Maximum number of blocks 56
Maximum crit 2840
Maximum number of dodges 30
Maximum number of deaths 1
Maximum number of kills 67
Maximum number of hits 313
Maximum crit received 2994
Maximum number of misses 50
Maximum number of block blows 32

Rating 1124
Rating at current level 76
Clan Afflicktion
Rank Afflickted ASS

Professions Estate
Herbologist 47
Alchemist 176
Healer 2
Latest achievements
  Total Achievements: 1179  
Best achievements
  Total Points: 7050  

Personal information Gifts
Lives in the world of Faeo: 9 years2 month(s) 0 day(s)
Motto: Till "Death" Do Us Apart.....
About you: @______________@

7:38 PM -mantu7- » BLANKAZ: u know what ?
7:38 PM -mantu7- » BLANKAZ: @%$ you!!!

2:39 AM With downcast eyes, Rie declares that BLANKAZ has won her heart. If he were only to notice her, then nobody in Faeo would be happier than Rie! She would do anything for his kiss, and attempt the impossible for his smile! Nothing in the world could make her forget the best warrior in Ogriy and Khair!

2:36 AM Rie admits that for him there is nobody dearer or more beautiful, than BLANKAZ! It is impossible to express all the feelings that Rie has when he looks at the object of his passion. The warrior would perform any feat for the sake of his loved one: just one word and Rie would plunge into battle simply to earn one smile of support from BLANKAZ!

04:04 Fighter BLANKAZ has earned a new rank, and their friend Rie is eager to congratulate them! May your enemies go green with envy when they see your successes, BLANKAZ! May you win all your battles and rejoice in the outraged cries of the enemy! You are the best!

Good Infos
-flora gives strength,
-fish returns part of damage as life,
-rock gives chance to stun

- Strike - 10g

OWE (PL) - 1g for bov bless


Saved fights
Fight against monsters Till "Death" Do Us Apart.....
Fight against enemy race Really?
Fight against monsters First Solo Cerb....Meh....
Fight against monsters Well......ummm......I Blame Mitthy....^^
Fight against monsters Butcher with clannies