Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Gil Galhad
Game info Fight records
Race Humans
Victories 23147
Defeats 1187
Magmars slain 3
Rank War Master
School of Magic: Light

Agility 562
Intuition 93
Protection 121
Strength 886
Vitality 454

Durability 390
Initiative 10

Concentration 56
Intellect 260
Suppression 5
Will 19
Wisdom 842

Number of Felt Boots received 2
Number of Mittens received 4
Popularity 7

France Fan 1

Victories in great battles 85
Participation in Great Battles 167
Maximum number of crits 76
Maximum number of blocks 18
Maximum crit 2040
Maximum number of dodges 137
Maximum number of deaths 1
Maximum number of kills 57
Maximum number of hits 500
Maximum crit received 2222
Maximum number of misses 51
Maximum number of block blows 38

Rating 860
Rating at current level 126
Clan Lightning Magic Red

Professions Estate
Herbologist 176
Alchemist 174
Locksmith 51
Latest achievements
  Total Achievements: 1029  
Best achievements
  Total Points: 6390  

Personal information Gifts
Name: Ruben
Lives in the world of Faeo: 6 years8 month(s) 2 day(s)
Birthday: 19 June 1996
Motto: I'm a Dwarf
About you: -Tu vois.. Des chefs de guerre, y en a de toutes sortes : des bons, des mauvais. Des pleines cagettes, il y en a. Mais une fois de temps en temps, il en sort un exceptionnel. Un héros, une légende... Des chefs comme ça, il y en a presque jamais. Mais tu sais ce qu’ils ont tous en commun, tu sais ce que s’est leur pouvoir secret ?
- Non.
- Ils ne se battent que pour la dignité des faibles.

-Warlords, there are all kinds: good, evils... Full crates, there are some. But once in a while, he comes out an exceptional. A hero, a legend ... Chiefs like that, there are almost never. But you know what they all have in common, you know what their secret power is?
- No.
- They fight only for the dignity of the weak.

23:16 You have been attacked by Triumphator Jîhl [19] .
23:16 The battle « Attack on Gil Galhad» has begun.
23:16 Some of your items have been damaged: Big Deviation Axe (-1), Unicorn Pauldrons (-1), Unicorn Bracers (-1), Unicorn Helmet (-1), Chrome Cuirass (-1).
23:16 You have sustained a Head injury.

Such a godness good player.

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Saved fights
Fight against enemy race Diversantka has cursed Gil Galhad with the Gehen
Fight against enemy race Remember this man.
Fight against monsters I only looking for 10 tooth.. Then that happens
Fight against monsters I REGRET NOTHIIIIING
Fight against monsters Kill some Youngs UyarrMO generals for the future