Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons


It was a summer day; the sky was clear and cloudless, with a beautiful sunset on the horizon. JPinhal walked, looking for Magmars that might be invading, but what he found was something else that left him speechless. He saw a young woman fighting several Magmars alone. Equipped with a sword fighting off the fierce attacks of her enemies and using the magic of light to tear them down and then stab them with her sword.

Her way of fighting was magnificent, but without her noticing, one of the Magmars attempted to attack her from behind. JPinhal instinctively jumped to protect her, managing to decapitate him with one hit with his powerful axe. She then turned upon JPinhal ready to attack, but upon seeing, what had happened thanked him and told him her name, PureVenom. She looked like an angel with long blonde golden hair, and magical blue glowing eyes like a sapphire.

JPinhal's eyes glistened, mesmerized at her beauty, and swiftly grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into a deep kiss and since that moment, their love grew.

From then on always together, killing and annihilating all Magmars that crossed their path, their deeds became known throughout all of Faeo, word of their heroic deeds also arriving at the Faeo Gods. Becoming jealous of their fame and power, the gods sent out Striagorn Dragon to destroy them.

The Dragon Striagorn could not defeat them, the fight was fierce but in the end the dragon was defeated, leaving the battlefield before they could deliver the killing blow. The gods dissatisfied by their defeat decided to curse them, leaving a mark on their bodies. JPinhal's mark on his shoulder and PureVenom's on her leg... the image of a snake around a sword, the snake slowly with the days climbing higher on the sword, once all consumed death would be upon them.

Furious with the God’s actions the Great Dragon Erifarius decided to save JPinhal and PureVenom, giving them a part of their strength, which would save them from the curse of the gods. By receiving the lifeblood of the Great White Dragon, the young couple won an unimaginable power of immortality.

Since that day, whenever they met in battle, the Great Dragon always came down from heaven and with its blue flames fought alongside our heroes, who from then on became known as the most powerful couple of Faeo, sharing their eternal love, and their eternal life.