Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Game info Fight records
Race Humans
Victories 92628
Defeats 6817
Magmars slain 145
Rank Chosen by Gods
School of Magic: Air

Agility 344
Intuition 1210
Protection 121
Strength 2867
Vitality 1338

Durability 16150
Initiative 113

Concentration 198
Intellect 555
Suppression 16
Will 262
Wisdom 2646

Popularity 1657

Gold Atshi Bats 15

Victories in great battles 696
Participation in Great Battles 1009
Maximum number of crits 593
Maximum number of blocks 118
Maximum crit 16734
Maximum number of dodges 226
Maximum number of deaths 8
Maximum number of kills 378
Maximum number of hits 1490
Maximum crit received 30763
Maximum number of misses 82
Maximum number of block blows 46

Rating 14
Rating at current level 14
Clan BlackListed
Rank Odin

Professions Estate
Herbologist 539
Alchemist 539
Executioner 359
Latest achievements
  Total Achievements: 2558  
Best achievements
  Total Points: 18420  

Personal information Gifts
Lives in the world of Faeo: 6 years10 month(s) 29 day(s)
Region: United States
Motto: A leader that became great not because of his power but, because of his ability to empower others.
About you: Just Leave Me Alone..

Mighty_War... [20]Summoned S... [18] -2632 crit Mighty_War... [20]Summoned S... [18] -7703 cast

Scalps Handed To Dragon- 11,000

22:12 Bruce » Mighty_Warlord: you are very very strong 1vs1, i loose each time that's sure

07:24 KrazyNerd » Mighty_Warlord: ur company slogan "You got the dough we got the hoe" doesnt seem to work.

01:59 elite killer » Mighty_Warlord: u sir are a legend

23:13 Brother » Mighty_Warlord: mighty warlord the destroyer of hopes

03:41 Queen of Death » Mercedes: oh my they cant even kill him in their own territory
Saved fights
Battlefield Queens (Mags) Vs Kings (Hums)
Fight against enemy race Brute & MW team :P
Fight against enemy race Thought Would Be Easy Guess Not
Fight against enemy race When 2 Idiots try to beat you fast
Fight against enemy race Pffft Weak Mags
Fight against enemy race Biggest Mag Noob
Fight against enemy race Cerra try so hard :P ahaha
Fight against enemy race Dumbass Nestro
Fight against enemy race Noobs 2
Fight against enemy race Cerra is a noob