Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Game info Fight records
Race Magmars
Victories 7020
Defeats 2803
Humans slain 35
Rank Champion

Agility 35
Intuition 74
Protection 229
Strength 160
Vitality 244

Durability 260
Initiative 39


Popularity 76

Victories in great battles 71
Participation in Great Battles 141
Maximum number of crits 54
Maximum number of blocks 64
Maximum crit 18906
Maximum number of dodges 15
Maximum number of deaths 1
Maximum number of kills 15
Maximum number of hits 301
Maximum crit received 32370
Maximum number of misses 35
Maximum number of block blows 43

Rating 1463
Rating at current level 66
Clan Omega
Rank Cranky old men

Professions Estate
Geologist 119
Jeweller 119
Locksmith 106
Latest achievements
  Total Achievements: 716  
Best achievements
  Total Points: 4470  

Personal information Gifts
Lives in the world of Faeo: 7 years1 month(s) 22 day(s)
Motto: boo says minsc will be strong!
About you: I'm on the path of valour so no mob fighting for me but lots of profession work ..... so let me know if your interested in any stones or dust :)

To help me with my locksmith profession i can now open bronze trunks

i owe
70g to snow_wolf (40g paid)

owed to me

nothing atm
durability calculator:

Symbols and what armour they go explained:

you can hire me for VP's and merc rep quests all i ask is that you pay for food and bring ress ammies if it is not near a temple/obelisk and drops are mine :grin:

I also have BZ and PBZ for hire

Seasonal Events Guide:

best drop i have got : 07:16 You have received Encased Pearwood Pawn 5 pcs, Encased Pearwood Knight 2 pcs, Encased Pearwood Bishop 2 pcs, Encased Pearwood King 1 pcs

Sets from DH complete:
0 x wood set
0 x bronze set
0 x china set

Achievement accomplished "Harcide Stinger Guidebook"
Achievement accomplished "Wolfer Talon Guidebook"
Achievement accomplished "Mercury Mirror Treatise"
Achievement accomplished "Female Ashen Spider Guidebook"
Saved fights
Fight against enemy race don't pick a fight with a naked man!
Battlefield 200 spheres done :D
Battlefield i am a beast lol!
Battlefield my immos done thx to snow wolf for his help
Battlefield my 113 thanks to all who helped :)