Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Game info Fight records
Race Magmars
Victories 11103
Defeats 1043
Humans slain 373
Rank Elite warrior

Agility 46
Intuition 211
Protection 51
Strength 384
Vitality 118

Durability 50

Intellect 59
Wisdom 181

Popularity 50

Victories in great battles 47
Participation in Great Battles 99
Maximum number of crits 81
Maximum number of blocks 13
Maximum crit 1574
Maximum number of dodges 15
Maximum number of deaths 1
Maximum number of kills 47
Maximum number of hits 191
Maximum crit received 655
Maximum number of misses 31
Maximum number of block blows 13

Rating 1507
Rating at current level 125

Professions Estate
Fisherman 209
Sorcerer 170
Executioner 21
Latest achievements
  Total Achievements: 626  
Best achievements
  Total Points: 3910  

Personal information Gifts
Name: Received: Big Killer Axe 1 pcs
Lives in the world of Faeo: 9 years9 month(s) 6 day(s)
Birthday: 29 October 1984
Region: South Africa
Motto: Does anyone else think it's a little weird that Mr.KRABS lives in BIKINI BOTTOM?.. ewww *giggles*
About you: Dark Temptress & i play on same Router
An incredible shower of petals rains down on you from above, and shaking the fragrant rose petals from your hair, your gaze meets with the one who loves you more than anyone else! Erva once more throws petals into the air and with a conspiratorial grin, disappears into the crowd <3
By blowing into the Magical Flute Yvil produces a wonderful warble of sweet music, which announces a wonderful message to the entire world: Renesmee, you are worth more than a thousand diamonds, more beautiful than wondrous flowers and more desirable than any victory. You are my treasure, I love you!
OriginalSith : if kisses were hugs, i'd kiss you so tightly you'd "poot" just a little hehe
Leadbelly » Renesmee : what a great event i get to run around & shoot pretty little female rumps :love1: :lol:
Staples21 : Magmar guard armor looks so fluffy :) lmao that was funny
Blckmgic : How do I catch a Pikachu?: Smile_valyayus_ot_smeha: OMG ROLF
Muley69 : It's not that...its just you were afk and so was I. He got in a few licks+curse=sucks.
Renesmee » Muley69 : he was licking u :ogo::ogo:
Red-Dawn Reborn : well Muley has found a female skeleton in here
Andromeda » Drolevil : are u wanna hunt krecth robber too?: ROLF LMAO
MafiaMan » Renesmee : shhhhhh im hunting for wabbits hehehe
20:15 -_MiShKy_TiNg_-: ok stick it in singing chamber 20:16 Renesmee: oh ud love to do that wouldnt u :lol:
The winner is Renesmee [7] .Morov [7] , Zael Ellanre [7] , silverina [7] ,Kolyanskiy [7] "Crystalline Caves" has ended with the score [531:48] (The Magmars have won).Renesmee [4](1903 exp) (7782valour)(9968dmg)(26kills)

ben türk değilim ama çeviri kullanabilirim-
I am not turkish but i can use translation

not taking big orders atm
Saved fights
Fight against enemy race 3 wins in a row EPIC mags rule
Fight against enemy race Best Great Battle
Battlefield Woohoo great cc 50k valour
Battlefield Thats how u do it:)
Battlefield Great team work:)