Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Game info Fight records
Race Magmars
Victories 87305
Defeats 3505
Humans slain 144
Rank Legendary Conqueror
School of Magic: Shadow

Agility 660
Intuition 143
Protection 140
Strength 1561
Vitality 755

Durability 3560
Initiative 75

Intellect 380
Will 95
Wisdom 1532

Number of Felt Boots received 2
Number of Mittens received 2
Popularity 130

Argentina Fan 1

Victories in great battles 273
Participation in Great Battles 402
Maximum number of crits 148
Maximum number of blocks 94
Maximum crit 36669
Maximum number of dodges 169
Maximum number of deaths 4
Maximum number of kills 89
Maximum number of hits 1727
Maximum crit received 63677
Maximum number of misses 84
Maximum number of block blows 59

Rating 178
Rating at current level 21
Clan Hostilis Humanis
Rank ★ Spartan ★

Professions Estate
Herbologist 385
Alchemist 383
Executioner 178
Latest achievements
  Total Achievements: 1789  
Best achievements
  Total Points: 11190  

Personal information Gifts Friends
Name: Searching for...................
Lives in the world of Faeo: 6 years11 month(s) 18 day(s)
Region: India
About you: Loan to Polly>FF440, 30 coals to Deorn.


Oh! a bare RoughRock stood up in the sea the waves at its feet dancing merrily

A little bubble Once came sailing by and thus to the RoghRock did it gayly cry

Ho! clumsy RoughRock, quick, make way for me: I'm the fairest thing that floats on the sea

See my rainbow-robe, see my crown of light, my glittering form, so airy and bright

O'er the waters blue, I'm floating away, to dance by the shore with the foam and spray

Now, make way, make way; for the waves are strong and their rippling feet bear me fast along

But the RoghRock stood straight up in the sea: It looked gravely down and said pleasantly

Little friend, you must go some other way; for I have not stirred this many a long day

Great billows have dashed, and angry winds blown; but my sturdy form is not overthrown

Nothing can stir me In the air or sea; then, how can I move, little friend, for thee?

Then the waves all laughed in their voices sweet; and the sea-birds looked, from their rocky seat

At the bubble gay, who angrily cried, while its round cheek glowed with a foolish pride

You shall move for me; and you shall not mock at the words I say, you ugly, RoughRock

Be silent, wild birds! while stare you so? Stop laughing, rude waves, and help me to go!

For I am the queen of the ocean here, and this cruel RoughRock cannot make me fear

Dashing fiercely up, with a scornful word, foolish Bubble broke; but RoughRock never stirred

Then said the sea-birds, sitting in their nests to the little ones leaning on their brests

Be not like bubble, headstrong, rude and vain seeking by violence your object to gain

But be like the RoughRock steadfast, true and strong. Yet cheerful and kind and firm agai
Saved fights
Fight against enemy race Can you beat my damage?
Battlefield 601|8