Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Game info Fight records
Race Humans
Victories 8941
Defeats 1130
Magmars slain 51
Rank Warrior

Agility 56
Intuition 413
Protection 44
Strength 522
Vitality 234

Durability 55
Initiative 10

Intellect 94
Suppression 5
Wisdom 288

Popularity 29

Victories in great battles 25
Participation in Great Battles 67
Maximum number of crits 35
Maximum number of blocks 13
Maximum crit 14272
Maximum number of dodges 11
Maximum number of deaths 2
Maximum number of kills 18
Maximum number of hits 156
Maximum crit received 19158
Maximum number of misses 37
Maximum number of block blows 16

Rating 1762
Rating at current level 134
Clan Afflicktion
Rank Warrior ♋

Professions Estate
Geologist 173
Jeweller 150
Healer 2
Latest achievements
  Total Achievements: 645  
Best achievements
  Total Points: 4005  

Personal information Gifts Friends
Name: Ekansh
Lives in the world of Faeo: 7 years26 day(s)
Birthday: 14 August 1998
Region: India
Motto: Nothing fuks you harder than time
About you: NOOB EXPERT

Every once in a while rises a noobie who grows better than many...yep that's me XD

Keep faith :-
12:50 Warlordekkie: o lord pls gimme at least 1 ee on this damn cerb
12:51 Evil Eye 1 pcs
12:51 Warlordekkie: omfg!

Killing people with KINDNESS...that's the name of my axe btw :D

Cuckoos- currently under order(Justeen) paid by rocks
Green dusts (20s+tax/100pcs)
Blue dusts (35s+tax/100pcs)
Diamond dust (50s+tax/100pcs)
230 Fiery Carelians (5g) or Exchange for 200 Liciousflowers
I take orders for all kinds of dusts, just drop a mail

I don't attack in faygo until ur clan has messed with mine ty
Neutral territory doesn't mean you go around attacking the opposite race...have fun :D
A new lvl is a clean sheet :)

Healer services- (Free for friends)
lvl1: Free
lvl2: Your scroll or price of scroll

Books & Instances:-
1) Harcide
2) Butcher
3) Cerebus
4) Derelict House
5) Palace
6) Plateau of Scorps

Red tool certificate (200g)
Evil eye-1.2g per pcs
BoE skull-8s per pcs

You owe some people a lot and can never thank them you guys <3

15:51 -- ArchAngel -- » Warlordekkie: ill tell you the best way to play the game
15:51 Warlordekkie » -- ArchAngel --: m all ears to u bro...
15:51 -- ArchAngel -- » Warlordekkie: "Have fun."That's all that there is

Trust me when i say the best feeling is--Exchange: request paid for in full

17:25 Warlordekkie [7] rolled a 100 out of 100.

16:45 You have bought the following items from the shop: Antique Clan Pickaxe 1 pcs. Thank you for your custom!
thank u fazi :D u are the best
Saved fights
Fight against enemy race i just wanted a cuckoo...but thx fr the scalp XD
Fight against monsters Gungl Hatred
Fight against enemy race :P
Battlefield 1st Arena victory :)