Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Game info Fight records
Race Humans
Victories 6462
Defeats 490
Magmars slain 1
Rank Fighter

Agility 75
Intuition 321
Protection 71
Strength 367
Vitality 232

Durability 75
Initiative 6

Intellect 114
Wisdom 249

Popularity 6

Victories in great battles 23
Participation in Great Battles 63
Maximum number of crits 105
Maximum number of blocks 59
Maximum crit 22802
Maximum number of dodges 34
Maximum number of deaths 2
Maximum number of kills 43
Maximum number of hits 347
Maximum crit received 31518
Maximum number of misses 21
Maximum number of block blows 31

Rating 2167
Rating at current level 164
Clan Crudos Dracos Warriors
Rank Queens Recuiter

Professions Estate
Herbologist 56
Alchemist 141
Locksmith 169
Latest achievements
  Total Achievements: 489  
Best achievements
  Total Points: 3065  

Personal information Gifts
Lives in the world of Faeo: 4 year(s) 1 month(s) 6 day(s)
Region: Australia
Motto: When raiding mag land. I dont attack red tool/wep.
About you: Goals for this hunting account: To soon turn this, slowly into a valor account

I do not attack on Fay-go. Goes for haunted place or fortress of captivity. please respect my presence

For guards: I may changed my ip based on what I use to run the game, for example, if I use puffin browser on my iPhone, you'd expect it to change frequently due to different wifi. I also log in and out constantly at work. Thanks

Locksmith: I can open anything that i can gain skill from for free. otherwise there is a fee based on what pick is used.
simple lockpick: 5s (per pick)
professional: 20s
set of proffessional: 45s
Saved fights
Fight against enemy race Cerrador attacks!
Fight against enemy race Loved the army of kretches :) thank you
Fight against monsters Lvl6 rainy, couldn't take last one