Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Game info Fight records
Race Magmars
Victories 58183
Defeats 4465
Humans slain 156
Rank War Grandmaster
School of Magic: Fire

Agility 63
Intuition 461
Protection 40
Strength 758
Vitality 336

Durability 1320
Initiative 7

Concentration 19
Intellect 186
Will 14
Wisdom 800

Number of Felt Boots received 56
Number of Mittens received 64
Popularity 439

Victories in great battles 410
Participation in Great Battles 764
Maximum number of crits 180
Maximum number of blocks 20
Maximum crit 9921
Maximum number of dodges 58
Maximum number of deaths 2
Maximum number of kills 98
Maximum number of hits 409
Maximum crit received 29734
Maximum number of misses 37
Maximum number of block blows 30

Rating 643
Rating at current level 77
Clan Freedom
Rank Môrder

Professions Estate
Geologist 286
Jeweller 284
Locksmith 245
Latest achievements
  Total Achievements: 1563  
Best achievements
  Total Points: 9845  

Personal information Gifts
Lives in the world of Faeo: 10 years8 month(s) 5 day(s)
Motto: check Group Search function and use it, or check backpack ---> instances, open friends' stats
About you: 我的弓符号也太差了
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May event:

Juggernaut rep red badge how:

September seasonal event:

mask carnival event:

free lockpicking service, tool breaking is on me! > but sometimes i am short of cash for new lockpick:]

titan sash
bank diamonds - 5 pcs
blue rune for tool (geo)
green gear HW lvl 11 chest|pants for shadow

pages from Eldive Chronicle Tome I II III IV and Kroffdor II IV for fun stuff or retri
grey map for green, 3:2 or i can take some retri scrolls/ powders
blue book from collection

chaos giant
collection pages 12345 for +25*3 buff
grey tablets

got some fun stuff to trade for other fun stuff :]
©full set collection for:
©full set collection for:
i sometimes use proxy to login
I'd like to do group or instance hun
Saved fights
Fight against monsters hell of an abyss, won! yeah...
Fight against monsters shadow quest 2nd stage, how...
Fight against monsters i had lag
Fight against monsters 1stime battle training accomplished
Battlefield 1st in tallaar