Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Game info Fight records
Race Humans
Victories 2970
Defeats 1491
Magmars slain 18
Rank Champion

Agility 27
Intuition 37
Protection 196
Strength 104
Vitality 156

Antique Warrior 1

Victories in great battles 36
Participation in Great Battles 61
Clan Crudos Dracos Warriors
Rank Goose

Professions Estate
Herbologist 89
Alchemist 89
Locksmith 22
Latest achievements
  Overall achievements: 491  
Best achievements
  Score total: 2905  

Personal information Gifts
Name: Goose
A Faeo inhabitant for: 2 year(s),9 month(s) and 27 day(s).
Date of birth: 2 March 1994
Country: United Kingdom
Motto: On Vacation until 28th April 2014 - DO NO SEND MAIL AS IT WILL DESPAWN
About yourself: ~~~~~[WTB]~~~~~
. CC Coal 1.2g
. Red Fossils 2.5g

The Crazy Saint has been unleashed. A great man and the greatest friend/mentor i have had, I’ll do you proud brother.

Here at Crudos Dracos Warriors we help the new/young adventurers from the ground up all about valour. If you show potential and have the dedication and determination to do great things, this maybe the clan for you.
However we are not a charity clan, do not wish to join us if all your after is cheap armour, free mercenary quests or money and then leave when you no longer need us, I do not take kindly to my clan being "Used"
We do not consider ANY human clan a rival, we are all the proud race of humans and should work together. Our main enemy is Mags.

I'm willing to teach, if you're willing to learn

~~~~~~[Clan Rents/ People who owe me]~~~~~~
-Lancelot- Exe axe, cuisses, cuirrass +1g
- _precious_ 3g
- Lukrecija 15g
- Awwesome 1g
- iTouchedDaSky 4g
- THE ANIHILATOR Purple sickle , 15g +10 if get damage

.Opening ALL bronze and metal chest for free
. Making blue giants but only to friends ;)
As of 30.03.2014, Van-Der-Goose [5] and su7h4n [4] are officially married in accordance with the laws of Faean marriage.
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