Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Game info Fight records
Race Humans
Victories 18509
Defeats 1555
Magmars slain 9
Rank Gladiator

Agility 21
Durability 200
Intellect 92
Intuition 67
Protection 310
Strength 196
Vitality 301
Wisdom 131

Charm 180
Inspiration 56

Antique Warrior 1

Oilberries handed in 5657

Victories in great battles 20
Participation in Great Battles 41
Clan The DarkSide
Rank ☤ Dark Healer

Professions Estate
Herbologist 179
Alchemist 169
Healer 3
Latest achievements
  Overall achievements: 684  
Best achievements
  Score total: 4241  

Personal information Gifts
A Faeo inhabitant for: 4 year(s),11 month(s) and 8 day(s).
About yourself: Within The DarkSide, I am reborn,
I feel no weakness, as I am powerful.
I will not break, as I am indestructible.
I have no fear, as I am unbeatable.
I will never die, as I am immortal.
I am never alone, as The DarkSide is within me.
- The DarkSide Creed

║<Silver fox owe me 13 eyes for the gold i gave her for red weapons.
║<Prince : 26 Large Flickering
║>Czarci Msciciel > Pauldron (98/100)
║<Kiss me : 3 coal
║>Dagda:4g for runes
║I WILL NOT start an attack in Haunted Place.
║WILL NOT help the player who started the fight.
║Exceptions : _LANCE_, Shevek, -_MiShKy_TiNg_-

14:16 Received: Anger Boots 1 pcs. Removed:China Pawn 8 pcs, China Knight 2 pcs, China Bishop 2 pcs, China Rook 2 pcs, China Queen 1 pcs, China King 1 pcs.
14:16 You have bought the following items from the shop: Scroll of Destruction 1 pcs. Thank you for your custom!
14:16 The item was too worn and your efforts to disenchant it failed, destroying the item forever!
Saved fights
Battlefield 2nd Feat
Battlefield 1st Feat
Battlefield 3rd Feat
Battlefield 4th Feat