3004 4413
Best players
$9$144_10$10$Hostilis Humanis$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/Hostilis_Humanis_logo.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Aykutluk [20$19$$28$Aykutluk$29$Magmars
$9$1381_10$10$Intense$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/7963112.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$RAMBO-7 [20$19$$28$RAMBO-7$29$Humans
$9$1367_10$10$Dark Riders$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/4723220.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Chomiczka [20$19$$28$Chomiczka$29$Humans
$9$1408_10$10$Czarna Kompania$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/4906882.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Blind Troll [20$19$$28$Blind Troll$29$Magmars
$9$1360_10$10$Punishers Guild$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/1553421.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Dzikus_44 [20$19$$28$Dzikus_44$29$Magmars
$9$659_10$10$Red Wings$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/9619248.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$AJAN-6 [20$19$$28$AJAN-6$29$Magmars
$9$1425_10$10$Hated by fate$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/16077143782637_3698044.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Septera [20$19$$28$Septera$29$Humans
$9$144_10$10$Hostilis Humanis$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/Hostilis_Humanis_logo.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$_comadik_ [20$19$$28$_comadik_$29$Magmars
$9$1381_10$10$Intense$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/7963112.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$- - Pain - - [20$19$$28$- - Pain - -$29$Humans
$9$1367_10$10$Dark Riders$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/4723220.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$ZeraTuL_BG [20$19$$28$ZeraTuL_BG$29$Humans

Best clans


The Grand Tournament awaits! 04.12.2021 12:30
UPD: The Grand Tournament has ended! All rewards have been sent.

UPD: The Grand Tournament rewards have been updated! Now you will receive 2 Box with Spider Glue if you take 1-50 place! Also, the Grand Tournament Battle Pass now contains Box with Spider Glue as a reward for 80, 100 and 120 points!

Inhabitants of Faeo! The heralds from all over the world are calling warriors to the Grand Tornament - an event in which everyone will be able to face off with other warriors to show everyoione their skills! This time, Chaotic Battles and the Clash in the Temple, year 283 were chosen as the lists fot the Grand Tournament - victories on these battlefields will be counted in the Grand Tournament. And after it ends, those who scored the most point in the Tournament will receive astonishing prizes:
1st place 1
2nd place 1
3rd place 1
4th-10th places 1
11st-20th places 1
1st-50th places 2

But that's not all! By fighting superbeings you will be able to find additional Prayerful Call - up to 2 additional calls daily!

You will also have no-break during all the Grand Tournament!

 And for the battles to be even more fascinating, the sale both of 
valuable items and Marks of the Arbiters of Fate has began in the Premium Shop. And this time - with a 30% discount! It will last til lthe tournament's end!
  • The Grand Tournament will last till 13:00 3.12;
  • All the prizes will be distributed on 4.12;
  • You can see the current amount of your wins in your Skills tab.

The Grand Tournament Awaits you, warriors!
Do not miss the opportunity to show your strength to everyone!

Sum-up of the results of Luck Glow! 04.12.2021 12:00
The benevolent Luck Glow sent down by the higher forces to the lands of Faeo has extinguished...
Who has earned the blessing of the changeable fortune thanks to their excitement and generous offerings this time? How close were the representatives of each race to each other? Read more information in the news...
Warriors of both continents can receive the promised reward from the Well of Fortune and Mouth of Fortune at the City Squares of O'Delvays and Dartrong.

Lucky Investment! 04.12.2021 00:00
Brave defenders of  Ogriy and  Khair! Bankers of Faeo have good news for all those who have Lucky Investment cerificates!

From 00:00 04.12 and until 23:59 5.12 every owner of a certificate can receive a gift for the mere fact of its activation!

Use this chance to increase your wealth!

A secret contract with the Spirit of the New Year! 03.12.2021 17:00
Warriors of Faeo! The winter has come and all the citizens are preparing for the Christmas. But the Spirit of the New Year has a special contest for you: are you ready to sign his secret contract and earn awesome rewards?

Just purchase this item in the Premium Shop for  diamonds or  gold and complete it's tasks daily to earn contract points. Just after you get the another milestone of the contract, you'll receive the reward automatically.
Hurry to get your own copy of the contract!
Complete daily tasks and receive magnificent rewards!

Magic storm in Tallaar's Halls 03.12.2021 16:00
The air trembles with the roar of the winds of magic. The raging element distorts the reality, changing the usual rules of the game... And now the rage of the first-born energy reached the Tallaar's Halls, mixing the participants and opening up new opportunities for them!
From 03.12, 16:00 until the end of the event, all the participants of the battles in the Halls receive a Tallaar's Rage at the entrance. This effects gives you 100% immunity to stun from physical attacks.
In addition, the received physical damage does not decrease when you are in block (applied damage decreases same as before).
You will also have double valor and no-break during the weekend!

 And for the battles to be even more fascinating, the sale of valuable items has began in the Premium Shop. It willIt will start on 03.12, 16:00 and will last until 10:00 06.12
Fight under new rules! Let the storm come stronger!

Bankers generosity! 03.12.2021 14:00
Warriors! Replenish your account with diamonds and receive rewards that many Ogriy and Khair inhabitants dream of!
 Sum:    Reward:
When replenishing 100 110150
When replenishing 200 110175
When replenishing 300 2201100

*If your level is below 7 you will receive 1-3 amulets Decrepit Dragon Gift Amulet instead of treats.

The offer will last till 5.12, 23:59.

Use this profitable opportunity to become stronger!

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