3243 4613
Best players
$9$1159_10$10$MIB$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/mibclan.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Ali Targaryen [20$19$$28$Ali Targaryen$29$Humans
$9$1359_10$10$looking for an answer$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/Pytajnik.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Chomiczka [20$19$$28$Chomiczka$29$Magmars
$9$1359_10$10$looking for an answer$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/Pytajnik.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$- Tsukuyomi - [20$19$$28$- Tsukuyomi -$29$Magmars
$9$1408_10$10$Czarna Kompania$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/4906882.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Blind Troll [20$19$$28$Blind Troll$29$Magmars
$9$545_10$10$THE DRUNKARDS$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/6700497.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Militant [20$19$$28$Militant$29$Magmars
$9$1392_10$10$Zakon Elity$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/9535169.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Dzikus_44 [20$19$$28$Dzikus_44$29$Magmars
$9$659_10$10$Red Wings$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/9619248.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$AJAN-6 [20$19$$28$AJAN-6$29$Magmars
$9$144_10$10$Hostilis Humanis$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/Hostilis_Humanis_logo.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$_comadik_ [20$19$$28$_comadik_$29$Magmars
$9$1381_10$10$Intense$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/7963112.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$- - Pain - - [20$19$$28$- - Pain - -$29$Humans
$9$1268_10$10$BlackListed $11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/1472512296603_6374019.png$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Mighty_Warlord [20$19$$28$Mighty_Warlord$29$Humans

Best clans


Event Rewards Shop and November Bags 28.11.2022 14:30

Thanks to the bravery and decisiveness on the defenders of the World of Faeo undead army with its insidious leader, Chion Warlock, was defeated.



Warriors who tirelessly helped to defend the world of Faeo and deserved a bunch of Mithril Palm, will be able to exchange them for valuable rewards at the City Fairs.



You can exchange Mithril Palm for various rewards till December 10, 12:00!

It is time to exchange Mithril Palm for valuable and useful artifacts!


Autumn update to Premium Store 28.11.2022 12:01
Autumn is a time for updates and new experiences. The premium stores now have a new assortment of goods and all residents of Faeo are invited to browse the new selections!

The doors of Premium stores are always open for you!

Gifts for Diamonds Purchase 28.11.2022 11:00
Diamonds, that shine under the rays of Mirrow, are rightfully considered to be the most valuable currency of the world of Faeo. Warriors with the handful of diamonds can open many doors, and tradesmen will be glad to offer rarest goods. Now you can receive valuable and important goods for the mere fact of purchasing diamonds, without actually spending them!

Warriors! Starting from today and till 10:00 05.12 when purchasing diamonds, during the special offer, you will receive gifts! There are 21 valuable gifts, which you will receive one by one for each  25 you buy.

IMPORTANT! You can now do that in multiple purchases - your reward will unlock after the sum of your purchases is greater than 25! After receiving one prize, you will receive the next one after purchasing another 25 diamonds in total. Remember that you don't have to spend the diamonds to get the rewards!
Hurry - this offer is limited in time!

Black Friday returns to Faeo! 27.11.2022 11:10
UPD: All restrictions have been reset!
Warriors! Merchants of the world of Faeo respect the Black Friday tradition and want to offer you the appropriate offer. Starting this Friday 25th of November and until 28th, 11:00, the prices on many of the items in the Premium Shop will drop to a minimum and you will find elixirs and more than 3000 items with discounts of up to 70%!

 Also, take a look at the new section in the shop - Incredible goods!

Keep in mind that for each  100 spent on purchases in this shop, you still will receive 25 Platinum Thaler, 5 Mark of the Fearless Warrior, 3 Knapsack of the Undead, 5 Shards of Sparks of the Heavenly Fire, 2 Mithril Key, 2 Lottery Ticket!
One just can not miss a Black Friday!
Premium Shop is waiting for you!

Magic storm in the Ancient Temple! 25.11.2022 16:00
Warriors! Many of you have long been fighting in the Ancient Temple and know the rules of this ancient battlefield well. But today something incredible has happened! The magical elements seemed to rebel in the depths of the Temple, giving rise to a real storm! This outrage of the elements has changed the usual rules, when you enter the Battlefield you will receive 10 Gift of Power blessings while the Magical Storm lasts in the Temple of the Chosen!
Winning battles against other players, you can lose these blessings. One blessing is lost for each opponent who has received more damage from you than from any other participant, as a result of your fight won by your team (similar to the rules of trophy hunters reputation).
This rule works during the whole duration of this copy of the Ancient Temple, or until the victory of one of the parties. Every time you start a new battle in the new Temple, you will receive ten Gifts of Power again.

You will also have double valor and no-break during the weekend in the Ancient Temple!

But that's not all! This time, for a victory in the Ancient Temple, you will receive from 100 to 1400 reputation as trophy hunters (depending on your level), as well as 6 tokens Mark of the Fearless Warrior.


Don't be discouraged if you fail! For participation, you will also receive a reputation as a trophy hunter, in the amount of 50 to 700 (depending on your level), as well as 3 Mark of the Fearless Warrior.

The reward for victory OR defeat can be received up to 5 times a day!

 And for the battles to be even more fascinating, the sale of valuable items has began in the Premium Shop with discounts up to 50%. It will last until 10:00 28.11.
Event will start on 25.11 at 16:00 and will last 10:00 28.11. 
Don't waste time, hurry up to fight in the Ancient Temple, while the Magical Storm lasts and experience the power of the Gifts of Power!

Championship from Another World 25.11.2022 15:00
The Spirit Charmers have dreamt visions of another world, and by great coincidence, a gateway to this world has opened in Faeo! 

During the event, you will have access to the Other World Championship quest, where you will be able to select a country and purchase a corresponding ticket. The cost of the ticket is 10 gold coins. The money raised from the sale of tickets will form the gold prize fund for the championship.

During the event, Lady Cordelia and Lady Guinevere will have a Foreign Championship Store open, where you will be able to purchase additional tickets of the selected country. Diamonds spent in the Foreign Championship Store will be used to form the Diamond Prize Fund for the championship, with the exception of 30%, which will be retained by Lady Cordelia and Lady Guinevere to support the event.

Pay attention to the cost of additional tickets:

During the first week it will cost 2.5 , during the second week it will cost 7.5 and during the third week it will cost 15 . It will be possible to purchase an additional ticket during the fourth week for 22.5.

During the rewards phase, you will be able to use your purchased tickets to receive useful items and tokens Football Match Coin. Also, the process of forming the gold and diamond prize funds will be completed at this time. 
Please note: The Gold Prize Fund will be divided amongst all participants of the championship who have correctly selected the winner. The Diamond Prize Fund will be divided amongst the participants who have correctly selected the winner and have purchased more than one ticket during the event. 
A store with useful items, purchasable with Football Match Coin, will remain open throughout the event. 
For every 5 diamonds spent in the store, you will receive:
In addition, you will receive one of the following items:
*The number of Crystals of Truth and Platinum Thalers received will depend on your luck and ranges from 10 to 100 pieces. The obtained Crystals of Truth and Spark of Heavenly Flame will be non-transferable.
You will also receive Gold Sphere of the Fan as a bonus if you have not yet obtained it.

The fascinating championship of another world will not leave anyone idle. Pleasant rewards and an unbelievable adventure await you! 

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