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Tuesday, March 9th 2021, 5:03am

Author: -Magra-

Liking attribute

I would put it in the category of "the good idea fairy struck again." That is, someone created it and added it, but funding probably got cut, so the attribute never was added to anything useful.

Wednesday, February 17th 2021, 10:45am

Author: -Magra-

Problem mygames activation

It's all good, human L14 character = Magmar L1 character, so you all good.

Tuesday, February 16th 2021, 8:18am

Author: -Magra-

name chenge

Don't know how to chenge name, or what that is. But if you want to change your name, you need a name change certificate.

Monday, February 1st 2021, 10:10pm

Author: -Magra-

Mystic Repuatation

-1 Finally a way for L4-10 to make a little extra money with professions, no other way to encourage new players.

Sunday, January 3rd 2021, 12:39am

Author: -Magra-

Weakly compensation chests!

I guess we are woking our way to that point with all these server crashes.

Thursday, December 31st 2020, 8:46am

Author: -Magra-

[NUMBERS] Holiday draw - January

07-04-10-01 43-38-14-12 20-16-13-06 15-26-34-36

Tuesday, December 15th 2020, 9:18am

Author: -Magra-

Clan approval

It was denied.

Wednesday, September 30th 2020, 1:30pm

Author: -Magra-

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery - OCTOBER Draw

07-04-10-01 43-38-14-12 20-16-13-06 15-26-34-36

Saturday, May 23rd 2020, 2:25pm

Author: -Magra-

Rewards for Offering to Urchi - Worthwile?

Only good I've ever got out of it is a couple of times got 1500 cot