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Saturday, October 29th 2022, 5:03pm

Author: killdancin

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery - November draw

01-22-24-21 06-14-05-44 35-36-28-40 19-48-49-11

Wednesday, November 17th 2021, 7:28pm

Author: killdancin

Why is it so difficult to answer a question?

Well, the first step, search Italian guys, for example, I speak Spanish and is so difficult to find someone with that language but they exist, and sometimes people turn online to sell and buy stuff on auction or they are watching movies while they are picking in full-screen hunting, so don't worry about it. Try to make friends in the game sequence, for example, hey do u have this dusts? instead of, where are u from? some people feel scared to share any kind of his information. Go to Discord and ...

Monday, November 15th 2021, 3:50am

Author: killdancin

Divorce procedure - Magmars different paths

Wednesday, September 29th 2021, 10:05pm

Author: killdancin

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery - October draw

31-14-27-28 47-37-02-42 1-16-19-03 50-05-06-40

Friday, September 10th 2021, 10:33pm

Author: killdancin


Middle Top Bottom Middle Bottom Middle Bottom

Thursday, September 9th 2021, 11:09pm

Author: killdancin

How to handle the auction error

To see the photos go to browser and remeber some clasifications does not exist so is not possible only if you before the bug put on your favorite list as pet food. <3

Thursday, September 9th 2021, 11:06pm

Author: killdancin

How to handle the auction error

As we all know, we have an error in the auction and some still do not understand how we handle it. I will show you what it is. The thing is, we can't buy things because it automatically goes to the "weapons" classification. But most of the things we use always have classification and we can change it and look for it. for example an evil eye To solve it, you have to first change the classification closest to the object and save its name. In this case, brand number 1 would be evil eye, the name o...

Tuesday, September 7th 2021, 7:50am

Author: killdancin

How Fix Bug of auction.

Unfortunately you will be not able to purcharse valiables with category null- But you can purchar all categories serching in the info of the item for exemple Evil Eye- Quest Items. thats all.

Monday, August 9th 2021, 6:39pm

Author: killdancin

Stage 2.1-2,2

Requests: something to replenish the drinking suppliesfood for the predatorsfood for the aquatic animalsfood for the herbivoresfood for the circus performers Well, I gonna say that for drinking I gonna ask for the help of the owner of the best tavern of Faeo so I request a lot of the best shiz beer I hear that all of the team of the jesters' heralds and guards will be stay there! so we need a lot! Foor the small predators our best baked fish Fresh fish from our masters For the big predators we h...

Friday, July 30th 2021, 10:41pm

Author: killdancin

Participation on forum ll

And why not? our god don't leave out without fun! she is too funny and loves the circus! the voice says that she will invite the dragons to a magic competition! rumors say that will be cabins of kisses! Please to see it on HD press to see full! TY

Friday, July 30th 2021, 10:22pm

Author: killdancin

[AUGUST EVENT] Come alive ...!

Did somebody say circus? well, why not! come here and welcome to the best circus! outside of the castle with every best possible includes a green cerrador! do not miss it! Fire flowers! You can not be lost! Good luck everybody! EDIT BY TJ: (At player's request) Adding in direct link as issues with visibility of image on forum.

Friday, July 30th 2021, 9:14pm

Author: killdancin

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery - Anniversary Draw

01-12-23-30 45-06-17-20 39-50-02-11 24-35-46-10 Good luck to everybody!

Thursday, July 15th 2021, 12:06am

Author: killdancin

Ejército invencible [11] - Aquazurion

Esto es como un mandado, cuando tu madre te envia a por la soda y olvidas las tortillas y regresas y vuelves, recomiendo miles de pergas para ir a la ciudad, usar el portal de tu hacienda, si eres de la virtud usar la escotilla para ir por ahí. 1. Diálogo breve. Te enviaré a Norak. 2. Norak te solicita 3 piezas, Evil Eye (a menos que tengas 2000 o más Brotherhood of Virtue Reputation, si es así, pasas gratis).> Te envió a Fanatic. 3. Solicitud fanática de usted 2 piezas. Evil Eye y 5 Bringer of ...

Thursday, July 15th 2021, 12:04am

Author: killdancin

Viaje al pasado [10] - Aquazurion.

Viaje al pasado [10] - Aquazurion. 1. Toma la misión. Él te dará Sleeping Timecatcher 2. Ve al Gnome Spirit. Después de un breve diálogo, te enviará a hablar con el artesano sobre la tableta de madera. Nota: Es posible que tenga que esperar hasta la noche, ya que se sabe que el gnomo aparece en las horas de la tarde ... 3. Soygura / Ostap the Craftsman te enviará a buscar 4 piezas. Tablero de roble. Lleva las tablas al artesano. Ubicaciones de Magmar: Fuerte Dybrach, Minas abandonadas, Gruta de ...

Thursday, July 15th 2021, 12:03am

Author: killdancin

Profecía del pasado [9]

1. Inicie la misión en Aquazurion. Después de un breve diálogo, lo envía al comerciante. 2. Galash the Merchant / Squire Voldemar - después de un diálogo te dará Talisman of Treasured Lands. Haga clic en "USAR" 3 veces, luego hable con Aquazurion. Nota: Te dará un amuleto al usarlo te enviará a 2 lugares al azar y devuelta al templo submarino te recomiendo que le des usar las 3 veces lo más rápido posible por si tienes amigos de la raza opuesta y sea la casualidad que te mande al lado de uno de ...

Thursday, July 15th 2021, 12:01am

Author: killdancin

Sobre las páginas del pasado y el futuro Parte II [8]

1. Después de que mates al Capitán, habla con su Espíritu y luego ve con Elder Verkiry / Elder Baguron. Después de un breve diálogo, te enviará a Bringer of Evil Den. 2. Habla con Fanatic. Después de un breve diálogo, te enviará al Claustro de la Virtud. 3. Habla con Norak. Después de un breve diálogo, te enviará al espíritu del Capitán. Nota: Sabes orar? pues orale ve corrriendo porque si aún tienes la instancia accesible, puedes volver a la instancia usar el caliz para hablar con el capitan ot...

Wednesday, July 14th 2021, 11:58pm

Author: killdancin

Collar disperso [8] - Maeli la sirena / Sorena la sirena

Mision de la sirena y las 50 perlas ( no son perlas que cosigues en las conchas del mar) 1. Después de un largo diálogo, te pedirá que le traigas de 15 a 50 perlas para su collar roto. 2. Cuando termine, regrese con ella. Nota: Pearl se puede obtener de los lugares escondidos exacta mente los mismo que de donde se obtiene efrilos y matando a todos los superseres. Recompensa por 15 perlas: 8000 exp., 1g 92s, 2 uds. Mochila misteriosa, Guirnalda de flores marinas Recompensa por 50 perlas: 15000 ex...