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Monday, January 16th 2023, 6:07am

Author: nadine20

[JANUARY] Welcome to LasWodas

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Tuesday, December 6th 2022, 2:46am

Author: nadine20

wedding application

link of the bridegroom link of the bride…8b31a14a8bb9c73 date december 11,2022 game time 10;00 consecrator…b867e11b0fae5a2 Approved! Best of luck!

Saturday, November 26th 2022, 9:46am

Author: nadine20

fix yhis bad lag

2 days now you can play fights are super delay bags take soooo much time to open sometimes location take some time to show fighting mobs and mags are so laggy pls fix this stuff this isnt funny anymore

Saturday, November 26th 2022, 12:25am

Author: nadine20


cant equip underwater armor cant do something in there arrrgg

Friday, November 25th 2022, 7:14am

Author: nadine20


Dear Admins And TECH support, LAagging is getting worse day by day its so really anooying bag isnt opening fights wont load etc.. pls do something about this thank you

Sunday, May 15th 2022, 2:28pm

Author: nadine20

[MAY EVENT] Welcome to Las WoDas!

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