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Friday, July 17th 2015, 9:11am

Which is your favourite event in game?

Weekly knowledge test:17/07- 23/07/2015

Which is your favourite event in game and why? If you would create a new event, how would it be?

Post your answers here.


For all who do not know the game yet some simple rules:
  • Every week (Friday morning) we publish one question to our game:
    Legend. Legacy of the Dragons.
  • From all correct answers up to 10 participants will win one promotional game code each.
  • The most detailed or unique answers have the biggest chance to win.
  • Copy and paste-answers will NOT be considered. Same goes for trolling or spamming or inadequate language.
  • Personal attacks on other players in your answers/posts as well will NOT be accepted.
  • Answer must be in English. You can answer in your mothertongue only if you post understandable translation in English in same post as your answer.
  • The winners will be chosen by a mixed team of magmars and humans. The decision will be final.
  • Codes will be sent to winners via private messages in the forum or per post ingame.

Good game and good luck for all! :drink:

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Friday, July 17th 2015, 7:41pm

Favorite Event

1st. FAVORITE EVENT: My favorite event so far that I have ever expeirienced in this game is The Golden Easter Egg event. Im not sure what its official name was, but about 2 years ago it came around. It allowed you to pick golden easter eggs in certain locations. Compitition was fierce because the eggs contained quest recources. (Evil Eyes, Coal, Bubbly Metal, Etc.)

2nd. MY CUSTOM EVENT: If I was to creat an event it would simply be another recource trade fair. Where you can turn in recources :mine: for coins to play games (ball toss, fortune teller, find the dragon, etc.)

I hope we will see another recource festival again in the near future!! :)

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Friday, July 17th 2015, 9:29pm

Weekly Knowledge Test (WKT)

I in fact have not been on long, but my most favorite event so far is the magic mirror event. The reason being, is that for 50s if you are really lucky then you can win incredible items. if your not so lucky, then you at least still get a prize, this seems fair to me. And unlike other events, (such as the one armed bandit) this is really more fun, for you know you have a chance to win something, and its fun to reveal a 5, so you know you won something good.

If i had to create an event, then it would be called the "help the little guy out" event. it would run once every other month, and it would be dedicated to lvl 1,,2 and 3 players. every time a lvl 1,2 or 3 player attacks a monster, they get extra ten health. If they manage to beat the monster, they get double reward. If you were lvl 4, you would have 63% more chance of collecting extra resources. if you were lvl 5-6 you would get .5 more reputation when you get it.

Now, this seems sucky if you are a lvl 7+ right? Well, to combat this i would then run the event "now for the big dogs" a month later. lvl 7-8 get everything for 3/4 the price, 9-10 would have .5 stronger blows, and 10+ would get 2.5 more chance of inflicting a crit or an unusually strong but not quite a crit blow. If they manage to have 50 or more crits in the week then they get 35 gold. to keep track of the amount of crits a person would get, we would give them a crit token for every critical hit they do in a battle. they can then turn these crit counters in to the bank, to get the gold. these items would be non freezable and non transferable. they would have a lifespan of 1 week.

So my events would both reward higher levels and lower levels. this seems fair to me.:cool:

These events would run every other month, where they are 1 week a piece. when the "help the little guy out" event runs one month, the "now for the big dogs" event would run the next, so they would be alternating, so that either side, (the lowers or the uppers), would not feel cheated, or angered that the other side gets more help.

P.S I also notice the wording, and I would create the new event through coding it on whatever this thing runs on. (java? javascript? ruby? shell? c++?)

I hope good luck to whomever else posts on this, trying to get the promotional code. good day weekly knowledge test and i hope you keep doing this. (admins, that was directed at you.)

I just wish... that everyone could get along, shut up, and not talk to me.


Saturday, July 18th 2015, 1:15am

Hmm my favorite event.Probably double valor events,gets people motivated and prepared for battles.

If i could create and event would probably be something to get people fight each other in kind of like a halls way,no mount no summons simply buffs and their skills.Something like you get to fight each opponent per turn(fight) and the winners would be fighting the winners and losers with losers *(both fair chances of winning)and the last standin person would recieve like a bonus valor.But probably something like that,you can review and deal with the other parts.But preferably for all lvls 3-16 ....not limit it like halls,low lvls need something fun to do too.

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Saturday, July 18th 2015, 7:25am

Favourite Event: Chaos Invasion.
Because here, you can team up and punch way above your weight to get reputation by killing Egnus and Defilers. Which are some of the cooler monsters in game. Also, they make for a challenging fight with some gungls duplicating, some Egnus summoning other monsters etc. It's very all-consuming and satisfying once you win.

If I had to make a new event, It'll be superbeings attacking the City. I'll title it - "Out of their Homes"
Here, superbeings will attack the City in waves. Starting from Wolfers. Everyone participating in it, gets the Reputation for juggernauts and anyone having the book, gets the superbeing item. Fossils and stuff, goes to highest damager. This goes on till Uborg comes at last. Since anyone can join in, the monsters should have more HP. Maybe make their magic a bit more potent.


Saturday, July 18th 2015, 11:34am

I would prefer a PvP with more valor and without negative effects such as solumir, hexes, ball and chain, mamaluke etc...
With every level that can join (3-16) and if someone higher lvl joins, lower levels get strengthened with a buff that consider the disadvantages between levels. Of course with no break and without injuries, otherwise people just don't care to go.

This way even people who wants to have more GBs can have and more people playing = more fun.
A level 7 can get a fair fight against level 16 people (of course if level-balancement buffs are really balanced).
There would be something like 40x40 GBs, that might fall into epic GBs that we never had.

You can take in consideration for example the butcher system. When kretch butcher fight against higher level steeds/players, he gets strengthened, raising HP and damage inflicted; same system can be applied to players in fights, maybe casting them from Striagorn and Erifrarius dragons, that must be like yeti's in fortresses fights: invincible until there are people left in one side. If possible, adding demonologist charateristics into fight would not be that bad.

Make them high rewardable in valor JUST for people who really want to fight and not just to be leecher / ruin GBs.

That would be my favorite event.


Monday, July 20th 2015, 12:56pm

Which is your favourite event in game and why? If you would create a new event, how would it be?

I . My Favorite Event:

Well , sorry because i can't remember the name of the BF , but my favorite event was the Crystallin Caves where we were 25mags vs 25humis
and to win you should score 1500 pts ... I love that event !!! Best way to up your valour , and enjoy a good CC with some nice friends ^^

I . The new event that i want:

I would love to see some new ideas in the World of Feo ... For exemple , Commanders of each race can , every month or 2 weeks , make every single warrior have a test of capacity
It can be a battle against a fighter from his race (IA charachter) and he's not allowed to use mount or summons or buffs , only his body and armor power
. In case it's a success , he can get a small reward , maybe some city reputation , i will let the admins choose the rewards (it can even be a "good warrior buff")
The point from this event is to keep up with the game evolution ^^ and it's a good opportunity to reward active players for their time ...

That's enough for today i think , and i hope you liked my idea ^^

Have a nice game


Tuesday, July 21st 2015, 1:29am

Favorite Event & Custom Event

Favorite Event: My favorite event was is and always will be the recources festivals. Was a valueable event for those (especcially lower levels) that work hard on their professions.

Custom Event: If I created an event it would simply be another recource festival. Pure and simple, nothing changed. I thought these events where perfect as they were. :)


Tuesday, July 21st 2015, 10:16am

Wait, what kind of events are we talking about? If the mini-events in game count my favorite would be Graveyard Lights because right now it's just like easy money :P If they don't, probably Mirror Magic because, well I've never been lucky enough to get any 15 point prizes but I get tons of quicksilver from that event.

As for custom events, nothing too fancy but, there used to be some special monster events way back in, idk, 2010ish? I even remember a Gungl occupation all around the Faeo (which were only level 3-4 and had reaaaally nice drops) and some really strong monsters which everyone fought against together, I guess I would just bring those back because they were really fun.


Tuesday, July 21st 2015, 3:54pm

Favourite mini-event: Green Pirates

I love to try my luck in this mini-event and pick as many tentacles as I can and also earn money on them or exchange for quicksilver. For now my record is 10 tentacles before the mini-event ends. The rewards from this mini-event are also great and give a big adventage over enemies in the future ( for example Old Pirate Belt ) Often I go with friends to compete with each other.

Favourite event: Tournament «Crossed Swords»

It was the best oragnised valour event I have ever taken part in. It made a lot of people join battlefields and great battles just to get some tokens and win rewards. I spent a lot of time prepering groups for bfs and also prepering myself... Some battles I have lost but I've never gave up and fought till the end. I met new players, made new friends (also some enemies :lol: :lol: ) I learned new strategies for bfs, learned how to fight in temple, helped friends in their quests... And in the end the prizes were really amazing, I sill have a lot of red elixirs left :smile: I just wish I had won the purple part of armor :lol: :lol: It was a real pleasure to take part in it :)

My event:

It is reall tough question... It is not easy to please the players and admins in the same time :lol: I think I would just make something like "Collect and win" event.
I would make a token/coin or sth that could be collected while gathering resources or killing the monsters and would have the same drop rate in both situations, so valour and non-valour players could participate in this event. Those things collected should be transferable (I know it can be a dangerous move, but it would give the possibility to work in groups or get help from friends), why? Because players who don't want to take part in event or are not able to collect enough resources for rewards will be able to sell them to another players. At the same time there should be a possibility to buy bags (like in seasonal events) for 30g - 100 pcs of tokens and only 3 bags can be bought. The event should last a month, a long time you can say and can be risky, but it would give everyone the chance to earn something. The prizes should be like in seasonal events, but the prices would be higher. Also 1 person from each level who has the biggest amount of tokens get red tool. Well... something like this would be a great event :smile:


Tuesday, July 21st 2015, 8:54pm

1, Which is your favourite event in game and why?
From the utilitarian point, I like the Profitable Deals with Smugglers event most, the items from the smuggler bag normally can cover the cost, and even give you profit very often.
And I also like many seasonal events and special event (like invasion of chaos, the faeo under the control of darkness, but the latter one really takes too much of player's time to evolve the mount), as they give lot of fun.

2, If you would create a new event, how would it be?
I would like to see more events related to the game world, to its history or to its myths. For example:
The return of King Magish.
a, Such event can contain many stages. But no matter win or lose on every stage, it can still go on, just leads to different stages and results. The goal for every stage can be dynamic, it's adjusted automatically according to the number of players online and time they spend in the game during the stage, (shown as xxxx/????), the players can know how many they have done but don't know how many they need to do, (the game can guide players through daily quest during the stage to let them know how many they are expected to finish per day).In this way, a stage won't always be won or lost, it needs every players' effort. And it won't like in chaos invasion, the final stage is too hard to come.

b, The whole event can be divided into 3 or 4 stages, just like in faeo under control of darkness event. The difference is it has not single line, it may has two or more results due to whether the players win each stage. For example, maybe the 1st stage is about to clean the pollution caused by Magish when he gets power from the god of all the dead and cursed. The pollution is just like the plant which grows in DH and Magish's palace or something else. Players can clean the polluion and get to study the essence of the undead, then try to create the potion to cleanse the undead. If the enough pollution and the undead is cleansed, then at the 2nd stage, players can swarm into the world of undead, where Magish builds the magic circles and alters to gain power. Players need to destroy the magic circles and alters to stop Magish. If enough is destroyed, then when at 3rd stage, players try to kill and seal Magish, Magish is weak. If no, Magish will be very strong. After Magish is killed, the incarnation of god of all the dead and cursed may show up to fight with players. Maybe the goddess of Aladeya will come to help players too. If players fail at 1st stage, the force of Magish will increase and invade Faeo, and Magish will finally incarnated himself into Faeo, maybe just on Fay-go to try to destroy the world. All the humans and magmars, they need to ally each other to repel the undead army. If on Fay-go, maybe Gorbakh can show up too to attack Magish. These are some simple thoughts, you can get lots of main quests, side quests or side events if you are really into this.

c, PvE battlefield in such cooperation event. I wanted to suggest this two weeks ago when the question is about new BF, but I was too lazy to write. We have many PvP BFs, but the BF can also be PvE type, in which humans and magmars compete to kill more monsters, get more resources and ect., the winners can glorify their race and get rewards too.

Frankly, if want, many events can be designed, e.g. about superbeings sieging the city, about gnome and dwarf's history and treasure finding, about the eldives and kroffdors war, ect.

BTW, why can this game last for so many years. I think it's all because the well-established world, challenging quest and fighting, abundant game content and the new concept about what a game could be. But all these chests, mirror event and gamble thingy are just destroying the feeling. It makes the game more like a 3rd class web flash game. I hope to see more good event in the future. And even the mirror event, you devs still can put more heart into it, put it well into the game world and every player's adventure in the faeo and make it more fun.