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Friday, August 4th 2017, 7:11am

Mages armour

Weekly knowledge test: 04/08/17-17/08/2017

Which armour is the best for mages and why? Would you also recommend the same armour from level 15? Or is there another style more efficient?

Post your answers here.


For all who do not know the game yet some simple rules:
  • Every week (Friday morning) we publish one question to our game:
    Legend. Legacy of the Dragons.
  • From all correct answers up to 10 participants will win one promotional game code each.
  • The most detailed or unique answers have the biggest chance to win.
  • Copy and paste-answers will NOT be considered. Same goes for trolling or spamming or inadequate language.
  • Personal attacks on other players in your answers/posts as well will NOT be accepted.
  • Answer must be in English. You can answer in your mothertongue only if you post understandable translation in English in same post as your answer.
  • The winners will be chosen by a mixed team of magmars and humans. The decision will be final.
  • Codes will be sent to winners via private messages in the forum or per post ingame.

Good game and good luck for all! :drink:

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Friday, August 4th 2017, 8:23am

:drop: To be a frank, i have no idea on this question.

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Friday, August 4th 2017, 11:48am

Ahhhh Armor so many colors, so many stats

to be honest and perceptive when answering this. To each their own and their gear or armor. Those of us who can afford green armor, and add it as we acquire it from battles. Well thats what we use. No matter what color armor is its stats are applied to the achievements of those wearing it. But anyone can find usefulness in any style of gear no matter how low or how high it is in style and stats. We all want the best armor, but we teand and seal with what we can. A person such as myself utilizes Green basic gear...... I learn what i can do, whether its defense, support or offense, as we all do with what we got. I know my limitations, and what i can exceed in that gear use.

So I say again To each thier own in what gear works best. As every armor design is a"LITTLE" different from each other. But we know what we can do and how to use it accordingly. So I have no preference of gear. Maybe you should ask question like.....Wouldnt it be nice to have an upgrade in underwater armor and its gear selections too lol

Have fun all, see you here and there :)
There is always room for Noodles!


Friday, August 4th 2017, 12:09pm

I believe the answer to this question is BONECRUSHER, at ALL levels.
The simple reason being is that bonecrushers can hunt significantly faster than all the other styles, thus simply allowing them to progress way quicker in every way possible. A lvl11 bonecrusher mage with appropriate blesses can reach an effective 100% crit rate on his/her spells.

It may be true that dodgers have an advantage in a direct fight against a bonecrusher, yet that doesnt matter much if the bonecrusher can afford to have way higher quality armor. And the occasional, but rare HW is at a natural disadvantage against bonecrushers anyway.

That being said, while i believe that bonecrusher is the BEST armor, it may not be the STRONGEST armor in a direct fight at higher levels. Some of the top mages choose to maintain 2 sets, a bonecrusher set for hunting and a dodger set for PVP. Also HW armor is known to scale better with blesses than other styles, so a fully buffed HW is a force to be reckoned with at all levels.

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Friday, August 4th 2017, 12:49pm

My answer would be that there is most likely a tie between dodger and bonecrusher sets which heavily outclass the heavyweight sets with mage and warmage levels.

Pro BC: they have an inate crit cast chance on their flame tongues and lightning sparkles which lets them usually kill mobs a bit faster and therefore be more efficient at raging. Their secondary defense against "light-darkness" also allows them to resist more of the eldive and kroffdor poison casts making those cheaper to hunt. At lvl 16+ I believe that fire-air is the prefered class as their high intuition combined with their inate crit chance can lead to nasty strong double crits that obliterate their foes.

Pro Dodger: their casts have a chance to apply a poison to the enemy which effectively doubles the outcoming damage which makes them about equals in that perspective on pvp, on pve however you usually prefere big numbers over lingering damage especially if your enemy casts poison on you theirselves, A big sidenote and advantage here however is that a dodger with high will can critcast just as much as a BC mage with less will in addition to inflicting the poison stacks which especially if buffed up can add up quite a bit forcing the enemy to chug life potion after life potion, these poisons also scale with wisdom just like your main cast and are unremovable and do not get weakened by things like serpagons blow weakness as far as I recall making dodger the prefered class to fight those mobs.
Dodgers main defense is Fire-Air which gives them an upper hand against those mages in pvp is however mostly useless in PvE

BC: their main defense is water-earth magic which sadly wont give you too much of an advantage in PvP once you realize that maybe 7% of mages choose to play as that class, in addition while other classes have the chance to hit much more than just critical (dodger can critcast+poison/HW can crit+stun+crit) and your crit chance mainly being determined by your will, BCs ends up being less of The Crit Class and more of the class that occassionally crits a little more making them seem kind of vanilla in comparison to the other class abilities.

Dodger: with the lack of light-darkness defense they often times are left completely vunlrable to the kroffdor and eldive poisons which can absoltely shred through your hp if stacked up especially as most mages dont remove those poisons during hunts but try to heal through them every blunder will feel so much more painful, in addition being able to dodge every now and then on warmage level seems a lot less useful then to blast your opponent away in a few hits especially if you buff up your opponent will most likely hit far less than you so avoiding the occassional 200 damage is going to be less satisfying then landing the 600 crits followed by the 1000 casts(im mostly talking out of my bum here since I never made it to lvl 16+ and also am refereing to PvE not PvP)

Conclusion: I'd probably say especially in PvP focused characters dodger armor will often have the upperhand from lvl 11-15 while from 16-20 bc seems to dominate the current meta. HW has also seen quite an increase in use especially on the human side but as their damage is almost cut in half while their hp is just barely more than other classes it's fair to say that its currently slightly underpowered unless you are fully decked out and they do have the small advantage of stronger and cheaper poison/mass poison aswell as the 20% damage buff from sac potion that noone else can take advantage off.
I swear im not hating on HW I wish it could be up there with the other two classes.

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Saturday, August 5th 2017, 12:52pm

Due to the fact that there are many bonecrusher, is preferable to take dodger equipment, but since bonecrusher come more popular also dodger become more usual and no one remember heavyweight.
Personally i think from lvl 11 to lvl 15 heavyweight is good too, ofc depends on who you will face, dont presume to win if you are a blue geared without rune to beat a purple overruned and overbuffed :xmasparty:
But from lvl 16 player attack do not consist only in magical attack, so being a heavyweight at that level im not sure if it works good or not.
Btw as heavyweight maybe you will take a little more to kill monsters but in pvp is pretty good to have much more hp, bcs as far as i know mage level oneshot probability is alway high.
But up to the player to choose, i personally prefer heavyweights because was the first set i ve never met, but here i am bonecrusher :beer:
Don't be jelous of others, try to care about yours, only after that you will understand what you really have. P.S. Is very very very hard :cry: but i will try my best :peace: :beer:


Saturday, August 5th 2017, 3:26pm

I have 2 sets BC and HW. Pvp i prefer HW with full resist this is good against the dodgers without enough penetration stat also helps against their poison spells. Full resist HW is also very good for the exiles fortress especially for going further than the second boss.

Hunting i use BC also with full resist which makes the poison spells not hurt quite as much as they would otherwise.

My only experience with level 16+ is fighting against them. As a level 13 HW i find the best way of fighting a dodger level 16+ is by blocking fighting physical using agility punishment and if they dodge my hits they take a lot more damage than if they didnt dodge.

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