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Saturday, February 20th 2021, 2:42pm

Meridian Vaults - Opinions required

From the existing battlefields, Meridian Vaults has a unique battlefield structure and in-fight rules, however it often does not attract much popularity, despite being a requirement for the reputation Vision Interpreters.

Please assist, with constructive feedback and comments, for what discourages players from attending the battlefield. Some points to consider:

1. Is the participation fee of 7.50 gold per run too high? If so, why?
2. Is it because competition of battlefields of the past is too big as there is valor gained easy without as much effort/investment?
3. Is it because you don't really understand how Meridians work? Would a good guide be able to tempt you try and go?
4. If none of the above reasons helps explain your rationale, please feel free to post additional comments.
5. What are your ideas/suggestions to make it more attractive to everyone?

Thank you for your cooperation!


Saturday, February 20th 2021, 3:04pm

Let's go step by step.

1. Yes. In the past it wasn't, people could just save some money and go do this battlefield in a day, getting whatever scalps they could and however much valor the battlefield would give . However, today, all the prices are inflated, both game marketwise and shopwise. We can't afford to hunt for our own needs and for the battlefield as well as the vision interpreters reputation.
2. At this point I don't believe valor is anyone's problem, people who do meridian vaults already know what they need to do and what to expect. They are going there with their reputations done, either partially or completely and they have one aim: to receive scalps and do quests to receive vision interpreters reputation.
3. Yes please. Meridian Vaults has long been a place for people who know what to do teaching their younglings what to do and those younglings deceiving others like "Only thing you need is this" while themselves being completely prepared for anything that could be thrown at them. So a basic, advanced and an expert guide would be really helpful.
4. Meridian Vaults' timetables are, in the nicest way to put it, horrible. There was no reason to make it like it is in Russian server due to the sole fact that people who play here are not even close to 50% of the RU server's population. The old timetable of being able to go at certain times during the week and being able to go anytime you wanted during weekends would be a lot better.
5. Giving people a chance to get vision interpreters reputation done faster. Either with a Magic Storm in Meridian Vaults event where people could get vision interpreters reputation by killing others even though they are over 1000 reputation or easier quests being introduced.
I am not those men! I am Salahaddin.


Saturday, February 20th 2021, 5:11pm

make the queue be visible so all know when there is 4 - 6 or 7 people waiting to go vaults to sign up in queue too. i get lazy waiting so much and not knowing if vault will start or not, i go hunt play another game etc and then dont go

that the queue is open from 20:00 to 00:00 <--- and on saturdays from 18:00 - 00:00 <--- set a time like this also helps cuz some would sign before these hours and if not start they get bored waiting then they dont go later hmmmm just thoughts about what affect negative to the start this pvp :p

what else

resurrect in base full hp so people not attack you in low hp if its hard mechanic to implement no worry i have other idea this could be a option to exchange aciente amulets ( the tokens for wins )for fearless warrior marks in the shop, maybe with that those who have red medal will go more


Saturday, February 20th 2021, 5:18pm

the new stun also takes away a bit the essence of this pvp i feel


Saturday, February 20th 2021, 5:34pm

1) This price is definitely not high. Even if you use a few basics buffs (such as aureole, rockskin, bd, twilight) at level 16 and higher, it already costs over 7.5 golds. So, If a +16 players says that I can not pay 7.5 gold or that price is too high, then just making excuses to do not join in, nothing else.

2) Not at all, Meridian Vaults were dead as hell even before these BFs of past announced.

3) Well yes, most of the players do not know how the Meridian Vaults work and so they don't want to go in but either they don't want to make effort to learn. Guides can be helpful but there already tons of videos on Youtube about Meridians. They can just watch them and learn some tricks or they can try to run a few BFs and understand the mechanics by themselves. Dont worry, you are not gonna die in real life if you die out there, just try it out instead of making excuses.

4 & 5) Hey the adminstration, you just need to do a few simple things if you want to make that BF active again.

Firstly, remove that fixed times completely. The battlefield should start when it reaches the required number like the other BFs, no specific or fixed time is needed for this ever.

Make the queue visible, we had that a while ago, do it again. Let us to see how many players in Q so it will encourage people to queue up when they see like 5 or 6 players in Q.

Bring Magical Storm on Meridian Vaults often (not like once in 6 months or smth) and add to it some extra rewards. Consider kills give rep up to 3k when this event is on.

Increase the amount of valor we gain there, I know some people do not want to come in because they get less valor than the other BFs. (That's an excuse but anyway since we try to make the Meridians active again)

If these suggestions did not work out then bring a Meridian that ends up at 125 points and required only 4 people start, so it will be a 2v2. It can be considered in 3v3 or 1v1 variants.


Sunday, February 21st 2021, 10:41am

cnR +1


Wednesday, February 24th 2021, 7:51pm

Although I agree with all issues pointed out by the people before, the most discouraging for me is the time available to get in queue and the fact that you don't get to see how many people are queued up.

And also Magical Storm event with more reputation gains than in normal days is an welcomed good idea.

I am aware that I can't compete yet with the people who bought the new combos but I'd still give it a try or participate more often if not for those issues mentioned (fixed time for que and hidden info on players in que).


Thursday, February 25th 2021, 9:03am

If I can advise something ...
Little do I know about this instance only a few times because at 17+ she doesn't start .....
1.I am asking you to provide equal opportunities, such as full life after resurrection ...
2.Maybe the difference in the entry price from the level of 7.5gold for me is my eye le, as I ask my friends if they are going, they answer because it's too expensive ...

I have no other ideas what to do to make it move.


Thursday, February 25th 2021, 9:35am

1- Price is not high for 1 time, but instance is quite short , so you rather want to go again and again once you start. It may cost high for low levels if they go to Meridian for 3-4 times.
3- Yes many players doesn't know whats going on there.

+ Not only Meridian, Cricible War, Chaotic Battles, Tallars Halls etc. are also empty after 17 lvl.


Thursday, February 25th 2021, 9:49am

The rep is poorly designed and too much of a grind.


Thursday, February 25th 2021, 9:56am

cnR +1


Thursday, February 25th 2021, 9:29pm

i have no idea but just +1 for all :sneakers:


Thursday, February 25th 2021, 9:48pm

1. The fee isn't high. But it leads people to stop to que when they don't win a single fight. Nobody is willing to pay to lose.
2. I don't think it's a matter of valor, ancient battlefields are simply fairer. Everybody is equal there: no advantages from reputations, spells or superblows.
3. Guides always help.
4. Just take a look at the ancient battlefields: no fee (for the 1st apply of the day), no advantages (everybody is equal there), no schedule (you can apply when you have time for).
5.I A first free run each day may at least encourage people to give a try.
5.II About the advantages some people have, well, we just have to deal with it.
5.III The que should be free from schedules. And visible.
5.IV Magic storms: it's TWO months (…ow=news&id=4042) since they have been announced and I'm still waiting to see one of them in the news. How they should be? Three reputations for every won battlefield (as it goes when we use the vision interpreters horn) or, even better, one reputation for each kill up to 3.000 reputations. And three Marks of the Fearless Warrior for the third partecipation of the day would be also appreciated.


Friday, February 26th 2021, 12:09am

1) Yes its too high but i am cheap with battlefields. It will add up for players who do it multiple times which can put players off.
2) Battlefields of past are more attractive due to no cost and no advantages so it wont be a total slaughter whatever the pvp skill level of the players in the teams. Dont change that otherwise these battlefields will die too.
3) A guide may help I have never been to meridians and i dont know what i am doing which is a detterant.
4/5) Fixed times suck. I dont do most battlefields due to buffs. Remove buffs and make it more even and i might consider it. One free per day is another thing that would make it more attractive to players to try it out but it probably wont be enough for me unless buffs are removed.


Friday, February 26th 2021, 8:37am

1- the queu must become visible
2-we must queu all time not only like actually
3-magic storm with different kind of bonus (more valor, rep utation when you kill over 1000 rep during magic storm)
4-maybe each player can make one a week free to pay for discover and like that people come back


Friday, February 26th 2021, 10:08am

CNR +1


Friday, February 26th 2021, 10:14am

The cost is excessive! if one wants to make 2-3 a day he would spend more than 20 gold! plus the most important thing I think is the level limit! you can do like the fields of the past where everyone has the same level!


Friday, February 26th 2021, 2:11pm

Mixed levels will also help (16-17 and 18-19 for example). Just some ideas.

Ofc visible queue and for all the day is a must.


Friday, February 26th 2021, 4:02pm

1. The fee isn't too high and is a good thing.
The way to get rep is really hard and from a certain point you get rep only with series of win.
BF are completely random and when you get guys in your team coming there just for tourism, without any preparation, don't know what rep they should have, didn't read the guide, asking what they have to do etc., you cry .... a free entry would be a real pain for people trying to get rep.

2. valor isn't a issue anymore in game. Valor is gifted every week end with events. I think that most people going in meridian it's for rep...

3. about the guide, it already exist and is well done.…t&id=111&page=6

Maybe change where it is placed. I know that it exist, but I don't find it easily... So when you don't know that it's a guide ...

A. I did many many meridian bf from lvl 16 to 17, at that moment, they did run only the week end, noone was in q the week. At that moment, the q was visible and was no time frame. So was easy to check, see if are people willing to go and Q. You always had a idea or at least the possibility to estimate if that will start or not and how long time you had to stay in Q.

One day, they removed the visibility of Q, but didn't add time frame .... no one bf started anymore.
Nobody is willing to stay in Q for hours without the possibility to leave the pc more than 5mn ... So finish, no more meridian.

That started again the day they activated the time frame again. But the best option, is visibility without time frame

B. The fight dynamic is atypical and need to be really fast and reactive. So it's good for young people with good health. Otherwise is not really fun to go there.

5. my suggestion to make it more attractive is about the way to get rep.
From 2k is just insane ... only series of win give rep .... so in a completly random bf, if you're not lucky you can have to go many many time in bf before be able to deliver 2 or 3 win. I prefer not imagine if the access is free of fee .... can be really expensive and a complete waste of time

So, I would add pts per kill or per 2 kill ...
Some guys are good, kill a lot, but get 0 rep just because it's a random bf. If you are lucky with team you win, if not you loose.
People who try to improve their way to fight, go regularly, so are used and help a lot their team should get rep. So rep for kills should be fair.
Because atm, you can be the best one in meridian, if you are unlucky you pay and pay and pay but get no rep.

Second suggestion, is about the visibility of Q.
The Q should be visible, and in that case, remove time frame.
If the Q isn't visible, keep time frame, or the few bf running will die.


Friday, February 26th 2021, 4:31pm

And forgot ...

We should be able to wear stuff before join the bf.
Atm, when we join a running bf, we are nacked in base, if is a oponent there, you are with empty belt ... so, first of all you loose the first fight.

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