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Thursday, November 18th 2021, 1:56pm

Consecrators open their doors for a new member!


When you think you got what it takes to give warriors the best possible start into a happy marriage life and you belong to the Magmar race then apply here and post your best version of a wedding speech until the 30th of November 2021 in this thread!

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Friday, November 19th 2021, 2:26pm

*Ekhem* *Ekhem*

We gathered here to cherish the love of those 2 beautiful people!
(At least one of them is...)
Cheers to the bride :wink:

I've known both the bride and groom since so many years.
And I still can't believe she chose him over me...

But yet here we are!

Let's cut it to the chase:

Do you...
promise to make her happy for the rest of your life,
to keep her warm in the cold winters,
to bring more and more scalps from battles, so that you can protect her better.
Do you take her as your beloved wife?

(Here comes yes)

Do you...
promise to stand by him in the toughest battles,
to get your riding skills to level 6 (PRO) if you know what I mean :wink:
and to often dress like the goddess Sheara?
Do you take him as your beloved husband?

(Here comes yes)
(Or no, we can still run away together :embarressed: )

I now pronounce you as husband and wife!
*You may kiss the bride!*

Awww... It's getting hot in here....

Kids close your eyes.


Sunday, November 21st 2021, 8:02pm

Hello, I am running for the position of consecrator with my humble presentation.

Dear magmars we are gathered today to celebrate a new beginning. :jump:

From today and forever, these wonderful people (name of future spouses) today will join forever :love1:

It is an honor for me today to start the wedding ceremony between these 2 souls that have finally met! :love3:
from today and forever you sir :knight: (man's name) accept as wife (woman's name)
to love her, respect her, and protect her from every human and monster that inhabits Faeo?

(if the answer is yes, continue with the lady)

and you lady (woman's name) :angel: accept as husband this gentleman (man's name)
to love him, respect him, and protect him from every human and monster that inhabits Faeo?

(if the answer is yes, continue with the final part)

Delighted and admired by all the love that fills the room today :love1: , I declare you Husband and Wife until sheara calls you to fight in the other world! :gum:

(and an ending)

:jump: Today something great happened :jump: ! 2 people decided to fight the horrors that plague Faeo's inhabitants together! :stronger:

without a doubt from now on they will fight (spouses name) together against all evil that haunts them and they will be victorious :peace:
showing the world that when 2 souls come together there is no rival who can defeat them. :fight:

to show destiny, that nothing in this world or in the other can separate 2 people who love each other as (name of spouses) do
I wish you the best of luck and a very prosperous life together, full of passion, sadness, joy and everything that the future gives you. :clap: :kiss2:

¡The love is life :love1: !


Tuesday, November 30th 2021, 5:39pm

New(old) Consecrator application

Here I stand, as a daily logging person, as well, having 'the thing' done and even with experience of a double wedding in rhyme, I am here to apply with one of my best stories and weddings so far.

The Story:

Couple that met in the game and playes together as a team most of the time. Decided to get married in the game :love3:

The Wedding:

Dear All, this is a story not just about love. It’s a story about adventure to the unknown.

Here are standing in front of you TAHARQA and _Nowherer_ :king:

A Magmar Prince of Horror :sarcastic: and Magmar Princess of love :love3:

Their Story have begun in the Ages of the Ancient and no longer existing French server :knight: The years of Knights and Ladies, Witches and Fairies :wizard:

TAHARQA was One-man warrior seeking the revenge of his brutally murdered Clan by Human destroyers.

He was looking for his blood revenge in Forest and Deserts, at the Sea and on the Mountains. In every village, at every city and even in the smallest corners of the Magmar land. :horse:

Then suddenly, while passing through the forests of Zvigold Grove he saw unknown for him pink light on the height of his head. No, don’t think it was any type of Ling… :glance:

… It was a dark magic over a Beautiful Princess-Fairy. :woot: A dark Human Witch have casted a spell in her jealousy of the unbreakable beauty of the young girl.

The spell was saying “The one that loves her Soul but not her face, shall break the spell only with a Gorbakh Mace!”

The little Pink light talked to TAHARQA and asked him to bring her back to life. She promised him the World in his legs if he do that for her :worship:

The Prince, thinking only of his revenge, agreed to help her. But how would he? He had the mace but he didn’t loved her Soul yet.

He offered her to walk with him, to be his Angel and advisor. To be always next to him in good and hard times until he start to love her Soul and save it. :angel:

Days have passed, month and years. The little Soul have told her story how the witch catch her undefended and cursed her to burn in hell for her beauty. :shock:

The moment she got cursed she tried to undo the spell but her powers wasn’t strong enough and she stuck at this position – neither alive, nor dead. :cry:

Then the Evil Human Witch then was happy to leave the small Fairy suffer forever and changed the curse. She has waited so many years that she forgot her name… :cry:

Then TAHARQA gave her the name _Nowhere_ because he was not sure where and when he has found her. :woot:

However one morning he has woke up and found the Gorbakh’s mace broken into pieces … _Nowhere_ missing, no sparkles of her charm around, no sense of her rosses smell left

He heard a woman voice singing around the nearby river. In anger and afraid for his Angel he took his swords in order to defend her from whatever is there :fight:

He run and right behind the corner he saw something that made him stop, drop the sword, fall on his knees and forget how to talk :noo:

In the river there was an amazingly beautiful lady washing herself. Her skin softer than the most soft silk, her black hair long and covering her full back and her face… :love3:

Then she stop singing and said: “Come, my love, even if you deny it I know you do love me, because you did free me!” :embarressed:

TAHARQA remembered how to talk and then he said “I truly fall in love with you while searching the Bad Humans so I can revenge my Clan…

…Now I stand here before you and asking you to stay next to my shoulder and fight sword to sword with me against Bag Humans and Evil Witches….

Now my soul is united with yours and if I am separated from you I will die in loneliness, pain and my spirit will walk everywhere in the underworld to look for you…

…Do you always want to be mine as I will be forever yours?” _Nowhere_ just nod in a sign of acceptance, smiled with sparkles in her eyes and kissed TAHARQA :woot:

Then they began their adventure together. They explored all the Old French server and the Ages of the New Times has come. :knight:

And they have explored new lands, the Lands of Com server where they have met more evil and strong enemies, but also made more new and good friends.

And here they are TAHARQA and _Nowhere_ :smile:

And after knowing their beautiful story I would like to ask them the simple questions:

(To _Nowhere) You, little Fairy, after all this years, do you still love TAHARQA and want to marry him, love him for eternity?

(She said 'Yes' heheh)

(To TAHARQA) You, Unbeatable Prince, after so long time spent with _Nowhere_ , do you still love her, want to marry her and be with her for infinity and beyond?

(He answered 'Yes' as well)

If there is any Evil Witch that want this marriage not to happen – speak now or be silent forever! :knight:

With the power Invested in me by the Creators of Faeo World, here I am to announce that friendship to become a Marriage.


21:22 As of 31.08.2015, TAHARQA [6] and _Nowhere_ [6] are officially married in accordance with the laws of Faean marriage.

TAHARQA and _Nowhere_ you are now Husband and Wife!

You can find some more weddings HERE
:angel: Choose me for your Consecrator :kiss2:


Tuesday, November 30th 2021, 9:25pm

Hello everyone!
Before the merge, I was a celebrant on magmar side, I will gladly return to this activity because there is nothing more beautiful than looking at the relationships that are being created
I can give weddings in English and Polish, of course, according to the rules of the chat

Below is my proposal for a wedding ceremony:

* I cordially greet the bride and groom and all the guests!

* We gathered in the Wedding Palace (or another place) in Dartrong to unite your hearts and celebrate this important event, which is your wedding.

* Dear (bride's nickname), dear (groom's nickname)!
Today, you are performing an extraordinary act in the presence of the invited people. You have decided to continue your life together in the world of Faeo along with your other half.

* You are getting married. From now on, you will be together for good and bad, you will help and support each other in every situation.

* From today on, you will not be alone. You stay here in front of the altar because you are bound by a strong bond of love and you want to devote yourselves with all your heart to the other magmar.

* You promise your love to the goddess Sheara. The gods of Faeo will support you on your way and help you in the adversities that will bring you the skirmishes in Feo.

* If any of the guests or ghosts present has something against this relationship, let them do so now or be silent forever.

better not to speak here, bride and groom have a hired executioner :sarcastic:

* There is an eloquent holy silence and may this couple be blessed. I am asking you to seal your marriage before the gods and goddesses of Faeo.

* (groom's nickname), do you want to marry (bride's nickname), love and respect her and always be with her in good and bad times?

* (bride's nickname), do you want to marry (groom's nickname), love and respect him and always be with him for better and worse?

* To seal your relationship, you will now receive wedding rings as symbols of your love. From this moment on, you become husband and wife.

(here the consecrator gives wedding rings)

* Congratulations! The groom may now kiss the bride!

* May your life together with full of happiness and joy be. A joyful day has come as the world of Feo has enriched itself with a new couple!

* Ladies and Gentlemen, dear guests! I announce the official ceremony is over. I wish you a successful wedding until dawn!

* Now, I will leave you so that you can celebrate in peace. I wish you champagne fun! :drink:


Wednesday, December 1st 2021, 2:19pm

Thank you for all your applications. This thread will be closed now.

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