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Tuesday, August 9th 2022, 6:20pm

[AUGUST] Campfire Stories

Are you up for a new challenge?

Your task:
Tell us a story, to the best or your memory; what was or has been your best experience here in Faeo? Write us either a story or create a small comic/manga.

IMPORTANT! We take into account the "language barrier" of players using a translator in the rating, so that everyone can participate without worry!

Here is a little guide on how to post images in forum.

More information to terms and conditions, event schedule as well as rewards here.


Saturday, August 13th 2022, 6:31pm

Book Phoenix Chapter V, the glorious end

.......The story begins in the world of Feo, around a campfire on the plateau. A group of children gather around their leader, an old Magmar whose weather-beaten face tells a tale of woe, great battles, hardships and cruel experiences. The group of boys and girls, aged 16, look around a little frightened, none knowing what lies ahead.

They have not been told much when they set out that morning at first light, only that they will return tomorrow evening as adults.
After a long arduous climb over the cave pass, they arrived at this strange place at the last sunset.
Through the glow of the fire, they could see weathered armor in their surroundings, it smelled of death and destruction.

The old man, who had not spoken a word until now, looked into the fire and began to speak in a deep, clanging voice: "Do you know why you are here? Do you know why you are here?"
The children shook their heads. One of the boys spoke in a trembling voice:" My father said it is forbidden to talk about it."

A long penetrating look from the old man met him." He did well then. This is the place of the great battle, this is the place of the ritual that will make you enter the Magmars' circle, this is the place where you will grow up.
You wonder what happened here?

.....Well, I will tell you. Here it took place, the legendary battle; the battle that almost wiped out
the battle that almost wiped out our people, the battle that both dragons did not survive. The final battle, the great battle in which we managed to defeat the humans and crush them once and for all. The day, 200 years ago, started like any other day. It was raining and a freezing wind was blowing through the land. We were getting ready to hunt for some monsters to gather fresh meat supplies for the city, when the cry of the black dragon rang out.

All the Magmars from far and wide flocked to the cave pass wondering what was going on. The dragon raised its head and pointed in the direction of the plateau, exactly where you are sitting now.
We raised our eyes and thought we didn't see right. An army of human warriors gathered at this place and above them flew the white dragon, spitting fire in our direction.
What was that, we asked, and why are the humans here? Betrayal was in the air!
...You must know that at that time an invasion of chaos was raging, all warriors of both tribes were united on the islands fighting against evil.
But we Magmars were wrong; it was a trap of the humans, these cowards risked the safety of our world only to revive the old enmity and to destroy us once and for all. But what could we do? We were no match for this onslaught.
Should we flee, hide and hope that the invasion would pass?

Before we could answer this question, we saw a thick black cloud approaching us on the horizon. Where did it come from? Words were being murmured from our backs, are we surrounded? What is this? More people? We said our last prayers and were about to let go of all hope.
As the cloud came closer, through the rain and haze, we spotted a group of Magmar warriors, maybe 50, carrying the banner of a burning bird in front of them. Full of pride and with their heads held high, they rode past us and sat at the head of our warriors.

Their leader looked across the field towards the people and started laughing loudly:" Hahaha, you thought that if you betrayed us in the midst of the chaos army and left us alone, retreating, then you could finally defeat us? You were wrong, and believe me this was your last mistake, as it was the mistake of the Chaos Gods to show themselves before us. "
Then a Magmar warrior rode up to him, opened a pouch she was carrying and threw the head of the chaos giant in the direction of the humans.

We wondered what this was all about, what was going on here, who were these warriors? What was this all about? They are provoking the humans, why?
We are outnumbered 50:1 by humans, do you want to fight; are they crazy?
But before we could waste another thought, the leader of the mysterious group took his mighty black mithril axe over his head, pointing in the direction of the humans.
With a clanking sound, his followers pulled their weapons from their holsters and made the same gesture.
Then a bloodcurdling scream sounded, an old war song rang out, and now we recognized them. In a whispered voice it murmured through our ranks.


Before another word was spoken, the warriors gave spurs to their mounts and charged the field, we couldn't believe what we were seeing, they were riding in the midst of the enemies and attacking the opponents without batting an eye and without a hint of fear.

Immediately you were surrounded by a cluster of the enemies, we could not see them anymore, but we heard the war song in the same strength as before; and we heard something else, cries of pain from the people. What was this gathering of great warriors, and what should we do?
The answer was given by the black dragon, with a loud cry it rose into the air and flew towards the white dragon. Immediately, a fierce aerial battle began.

Slowly we woke up from our stupor and rushed to help the brave and courageous warriors of Phoenix.

We didn't know how long the battle went on, a day, a week....we had lost all sense of time, none of us knew what had happened as the dust of battle settled.

We couldn't believe it, people were lying dead in the dust everywhere, had we won? We were outnumbered after all what had happened here? On the tops of the rocks we saw 2 impaled figures, the dragons they had fought to exhaustion and had bitten into each other so that they did not leave each other even in the death flight in the direction of the sharp rocks.

At the place where we last saw the Phoenix warriors standing, there was a tower of dead people;
this was the place where the battle was decided, only through these warriors had we won. But where were they, had they all fallen?
The clashing of blades from the pile of dead people still sounded sporadically, a few screams rang out; then it became quiet.
We raised a cry of victory and rejoiced in this unexpected and bloody victory,
which we undoubtedly owed to the sacrifice of the Phoenix Warriors.

When the cry of victory died down we could not believe our ears, under the mountain of human corpses a monotonous chant was heard, what was that? It can't be, we shouted, but, yes, it was:

The song of the Phoenix clan

Immediately we rushed to the pile of humans and began to move the corpses to the side, and there we saw them a dozen of the Phoenix warriors standing around their leader in the middle of the human tower of corpses and singing the war song of the Phoenix we all realized what the phrase:


really meant. Full of reverence we went down on our knees before these warriors and everyone on this field was aware that we can be glad that they are on our side.

Without letting the exhausting battle show, they wiped the dirt from their faces, the blood from their weapons and the dust from their armor. They took their dead and laid them on top of 100s of dead people each; which undoubtedly each of these warriors had single-handedly dragged to their deaths and burned the carcasses as a final tribute to the dead.

Afterwards, without a moment's rest, they mounted their mounts and left the plateau for the human capital, to avenge once and for all the terrible betrayal of our people and to drive them out of Feo forever.

"My story ends here, we don't know what happened after that, and we don't know what happened to those warriors, we only know that no human has been seen for 200 years. Rumor has it that they destroyed the humans and then moved on to the Chaos World; to win there once and for all and finally bring the Magmars the peace they had longed for.

Now you know why you are here, think about what I have told you, stay on this field until I pick you up tomorrow and take you back to your families as full-grown Magmars.
Never tell your children about it, they will find out like you at this venerable place!

Before the old man left the plateau and the children alone for their ordeal, he turned one last time and said, "Hold this story in your hearts forever, when you are afraid or despondent remember these legendary, brave and invincible warriors, honor their memory by losing all fear."

The old man turned away and they all conjured up hearing him humming the war song of the Phoenix clan and that he seemed to be carrying a black mithril axe on his back in the moonlight.......

The End


Saturday, August 13th 2022, 6:45pm

I remember in the old days when I was drunk playing cards on the hen house, the advertisement of the legendary game was displayed, the war of dragons, I say I will see and I live in the world of Feo: 11 years6 months 12 days. Sometimes I wonder what I'm ... doing here. :beer:


Saturday, August 13th 2022, 6:58pm

My campfire story

:ninja: My campfire story

I was a very young warror, at the second stage of my training. Upon a barge docked in Virgiya of the human lands I debarked. My mission to honour our dragon with the taking of a human scalps was to begin. Let me tell you of what I saw the day I began.
Nestling under dock I began to wake as the sun's first rays lit the coastline and shimmered upon the sea. There on the beach walked a familiar face, an old rival from war time in the crystal caves. This day he thought to try his skills on some rabid looking hound, perhaps to refine his warrior abilites before raiding our shores.
This day he made an error that he would very quickly come to regret, his plated armor lay discarded in a pile. Only a linen shirt for protection he wore to protect himself from the vile fangs of his beastly opponent.
Far to swift was my cast from a poison scroll, it hit him before he knew I was on him. Having neared victory against the hound his mind could not have been further from the furious assault coming his way. Only a few seconds separated his look of surprise from his gurgling gasps of death. With one fine stroke of my assassins axe, turns out I did not need the poison at all.
On that day I won, victory was mine. That was the scalp that first earned me our dragons blessing, and it is my hope that my future will hold many more such blessing.


Saturday, August 13th 2022, 8:37pm

I am going to tell you the story of a world inhabited by a peaceful and tribal race, in which their customs and traditions involved parties and usually.
But one day everything changed, other beings came from another galaxy, these professional warriors tried to conquer this world called Faeo, the inhabitants of Faeo, forced to fight to perpetuate their species, changed their customs and their festivals, focusing them on training and the fight that currently continues today, in you is the end of history and the name of the native race and the invader


Sunday, August 14th 2022, 3:20am

How I Met Your Dad

Once upon two months ago, two young magmars were working on a huge collected milfoil order in tomb of kings. both members of fightclub clan trying to make ends meet. During the long nights, healing each other's splinters and wallowing in their missery, a friendship developed under the dim lights of the graves.

Let me jump ahead to the bulk of the story , the part that has been the best experience for me in the game - the wedding. So the proposal was made by the gentleman and my reply was "hell yeah I would". While i was picking milfoils or fire flowers or doing naked hunting with my loyal PCZ, my future husband made all the arrangements to the wedding. He bought the most outstanding ring ,for 200G no less, he spoke with... i dont even know what he did, but he got everything done. All i had to do is agree to the date and be there.

The big day has finally arived. I did not have 1g for the wedding dress and i was too embarased to ask for a loan, so i showed up at my wedding wearing nothing but boots, because i was injured from hunting... my husband was flawless in his groom's white suit. I was excited and nervous and was just waiting for the ceremony to start. It was supposed to start at 19:00 sharp, and it was already 19:04... but i waited patiently for it to start.

Then i got a few private messages, from the guests and from the gentleman who i was marrying, asking whether i am ok and if there was anything wrong.
"Of course i am ok", i said. "
Then say "i do"...
"In which channel?' ...
"On main chat" ..
Missing the entire ceremony, i switched main chat on and said "I do". Been happily married since. Coming naked to my wedding and missing my wedding ceremony was my best experience in the game so far .


Sunday, August 14th 2022, 1:29pm

The story of a Blood Hero

When i put my first steps there i felt like joining some story, helping people around and take all of the quest but mostly... i wanted to be a fisherman. None thoughts i will meet a Queen which will show me the bloody way. Once i went for the cristaline caves, just for fun, see what is that etc, saw some good people communicating so i tried my best to help them out even without a backpack slots or good gear. After that when i left a cave with a Victory some woman came to me and told me about few things i have to do to grow stronger because she saw potential in my veins. I went in to it, take her advices and ignore all the quest for the inhabitant of FEO, now after killing thousands of Veteran Demon Dogs i back to fishing and spreading a lot of bloodtrails in caves from bodies of my human friends.


Sunday, August 14th 2022, 3:04pm

war of dragons funny stuff

there are several things that have happened to us with my friends from war of dragons, I remember many times how they have come to save me from players who come with many blessings and because I was distracted they almost killed me, once I was hunting golemns for a mission and I was just a wizard who had just leveled up, a human friend arrived and I was casually in the kitchen looking for something to eat when he came back he had many blessings, and my entire belt was covered with the worst potions you can imagine, they were all gray, my carelessness, I had I had to resort to my friends from the clan to save me and 3 companions arrived at the same level as the enemy player, the funniest thing was that he killed us all hahaha. :drop: :drop: :clubbing:


Monday, August 15th 2022, 10:10pm

The clan that made me happy

It would be a "Cliché" to start the story of my best experience, using the typical "Once upon a time...".
I want to tell you my story in a special way, that is why I invite you to read my story, with an open mind and with the greatest empathy that you can give me, since I would love for you to feel it the same way I do.
My story in this world begins like everyone else, I'm really no different from you. Giant rats here, armor there, dreams of grandeur, exaggerated objectives and goals to meet are the ingredients that forge the path of all of us, but of course, depending on the order of the goals, the size of our ambitions and, above all, The quality of person that we have, will mark the difference for us, because although the paths and objectives are usually similar, we must differ in something and that is where our essence and character are born.

In my first steps, as I said, I set myself some goals that, without lying, were exaggeratedly ambitious. Many have told me "Hey, you're crazy, that will take you a life!" and, above all, they encouraged me to go down more realistic paths. But this ambitious madness that characterizes me, one day made me coincide with someone.
At this point I imagine that you thought "oh, surely he was talking about an affair, or a friend" and well let me tell you, how bad your thinking is not. But I don't want to get ahead of myself, rather I want you to continue reading until the end, because I'm sure something similar will have happened to you too.
One night, I was working with my stones and my powders. Collect, and process, collect and process. The tomb of the clans seemed deserted, except for the decrepit skeletons that guard each of the tombs of the deceased, even so, I did nothing but collect and process. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a shadow, and before I could turn around, I heard a voice say, “Hello! How are you?". Honestly, he sounded friendly and his energy gave me confidence, so I continued the conversation.
The conversation lasted a very long time and was too pleasant for casual conversation. We talked about ourselves, our goals and how we wanted to be in the future. I understood that both he and I had a vision of the future that not everyone could understand. We had such big ambitions that it was impossible not to become friends.
Okresamu was like that. A very respectful and friendly guy, without a doubt a formidable warrior with an ambition and madness that perfectly rivaled mine.
While meeting him was a unique moment, it is far from the happiest moment, and you will say:

-So, Taigore, what is your happiest moment?

Well, I'm glad they asked me, although technically they didn't, but imagining they do makes me approach this story with a more laughable aspect.
As I told you, Okresamu is a unique warrior, and not only because of his ferocity in combat, but also because of his cheerful and funny way of being. This typical essence of him makes him make friends wherever he goes. Just as he met me, he met a lot of people all over Faeo. The passing of time did not deteriorate our friendship, that is to say, it was not a fleeting friendship, on the contrary, with time it grew stronger and little by little I began to form part of his circle of closest friends, that is where my story is closest. happy start, since I started to meet a lot of warriors who were not only very friendly, but each of them had a crazy level as high as ours.

Thanks to Okresamu, I met formidable warriors, who sowed terror just by seeing them, but when you talked to them, you realized that they were wonderful people.
Kilzone 3, Shurykane, Darkri, The_Kritic, Deadtagert, Schütze, BJDP, xJHONSAx, Ami G, -DemonSlayer-, -NS_Emay-, diabolico666, Dgaming. Each and every one of them are people worth knowing, but without a doubt, the happiest day of my life was seven months ago.
We became very close friends all together, but nevertheless we were apart. We talked to each other and made the decision to merge our lives as if it were a family.
Kilzone 3 was our leader, Shurykane our protector and gambler, Darkri was the one who made us laugh with his follies and occurrences, The_Kritic is our teacher in logic and humility, Deadtagert our wise man, Okresamu the spoiled one who keeps us together like a piece of chewing gum. join the hair, Ami G, our voice of reason when everything gets complicated and we lose control, Marco as the rookie, -NS_Emay- as the best laughing partner and I would be the capricious crazy person with a very big ego but not so much like Kritic because if he doesn't get mad at me.
This is how we form our family, each one of us with a specific role, with very crazy ideas but always together heading towards the same side, a family that many would envy to have, a family that does not break.
This is how Chuerima was born, the best clan in all of history and not because we are the best warriors, but because of the values we have, because we are a real family, a family that takes care of itself and shares everything, a family that supports each other and never leaves you alone
Without hesitation for a moment, it is the family that today, no matter what, I will not let fall as long as I live.
I take this opportunity to thank you, both those who read this to the end and my family from Faeo.
Let them know that I love them a lot and that in this world of wars, you are the only peace that I need.
I thank the entire Churima clan, for being the way they are, a little crazy, but without hesitation, I would put my hand in the fire for you.
I take advantage and thank the guards, mentors and administrators for the hard work they do every day to make the whole world of Faeo work. You do a job that many times we do not see and that we overlook.
And I also give my thanks to the JESTERs for creating these events that give us the opportunity to tell our stories and take us out of the routine of gathering and hunting every day.
My respects to all of you.

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Tuesday, August 16th 2022, 6:04pm

The Adventures of The Queen Of Sheba

Next time can we do interpretive dance? Just sayin.... ;)
Of course you are....and I am the Queen Of Sheba.


Thursday, August 18th 2022, 8:00pm

You supposedly know what you want, but sometimes quite by accident you can avoid making a mistake. My best day was the one
where I overslept for my own wedding. Some people will probably say I ran away from the altar (my would-be wife, for example), but I see it quite differently.
It was a day like any other, early autumn and a time of collecting Certificate of Omniscience in pursuit of knowledge. Times were easier then than now, the days flowed lazily, filled with the warm rays of the sun and the scent of leaves slowly picked up by the wind and carried
somewhere far away. I just got caught up in the moment, and I proposed
The preparations for the ceremony were short yet intense and the wedding hour was approaching.
Slightly weary from fighting on the battlefields, I waited patiently until darkness suddenly fell.
It seemed to last only a moment, I drifted off into a utopia, filled with colours and fantasies.
What was my surprise when I woke up the next morning, beaten by the woman who was supposed to be taking care of me
I had simply fallen asleep like any hard-core plant-harvesting herbalist :rabbit:


Saturday, August 20th 2022, 11:08pm

:yes: to lizard dogs
Volta has attached the following file:
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Saturday, August 20th 2022, 11:36pm

One for the Ladies

One day I stopped by the fair, was a holiday and many things were on display.I had wanted a new dagger as mine was getting a bit worn.
As I was checking out the daggers I heard a deep voice "That one you are looking at my lady is a good durable piece" I looked up startled, to see a dark handsome man smiling at me.I grinned and said"You think so?" I continued to check the weight and balance of the blade."I think I will take your advice,Thanks" and I motioned the merchant over.Transaction complete and I was pleased.My mystery
man said "Some lunch and perhaps a cup my lady? Being at loose ends of course I agreed.So we went for a bite and cup and I found out a few things.His name was Wolf And he was a Merc a sellsword And had never been to my area before but found it beautiful.I explained I was a plant collector and potion maker and sometimes bounty hunter. Before I knew it was late night and he was escorting me home.We said goodnight
and he watched as I went inside.I went to sleep happy and hpoed to see him again soon.When I awoke the next morning I made my morning tea and went to sit on the porch.On the porch table was a mortar and bowl with a beautiful pestal to match and a note "I enjoyed our time together and please enjoy this for a memory my lady.I'll be looking for you when I pass this way again.Wolf. I smiled as I too enjoyed our time together Will be looking over the fairgrounds
next times I go!

Never give up Ladies! : )


Sunday, August 21st 2022, 9:36am

A story about lucky moment.

I played the game 10+ years ago, I believe I started in 2007 or 2008, anyway I didn't make much progress that time and just stopped playing at lvl 5. I recently came back to the game. So my playtime isn't very long yet, so I don't have a great deal of memorable moments, I think it would be worthwhile to share a lucky moment I have because who doesn't like good luck.

So sometimes after I came back to the game, the premium store was selling blessed blue bags for 1.5g each, normally I don't buy these sort of items because I don't make much gold at lower levels so it's better to save the golds for something else. But I made some golds from hunting gungl exiles in the plateau storm event (silver drops and some tnaig) so I ended up buying a blessed bag anyway...

I didn't really expect anything great to come out of it, because I bought a few normal blue bags before and I know it will be mostly just fragments, but after I opened it, wow it's a blessed porcelain intuition tablet, I immediately went to the auction to check the price, and I see that it's around several hundred golds, so that was great, from 1.5g to several hundred g.

So then I got greedy and bought several more blessed blue bags but only got some fragments from it lolz, so it's a good lesson to not stretch my luck. ;)


Sunday, August 21st 2022, 4:29pm

Why do I hear boss music?


I romanticized it a bit, but that is basically what happened XD here is the fight link:
Pietreq has joined the battle
I was turned into BBQ Duck at the end, but the fight was very amusing! Big thanks to Pietreq for showing me what all the summons looks like


Sunday, August 21st 2022, 4:40pm

WoD times

i remembered when it was 2010 good old time and found this game from internet
played some games and found trough the advertising WOD, and started to play
with it, old time was fun and you was allways best with full green armour xDDD
and now its 2022