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Friday, November 25th 2022, 7:14am


Dear Admins And TECH support,

LAagging is getting worse day by day:( its so really anooying bag isnt opening fights wont load etc..
pls do something about this

thank you


Friday, November 25th 2022, 1:05pm


Please can you answer the following questions in order to try and locate the issue:

- Are you playing on Game Client or Browser?
- Do you have the "FProxy" option ticked or unticked?
- Have you tried another network connection? e.g. mobile data or another Wi-Fi signal.

If anyone else is also having this issue, please feel free to post on this thread with the answers to the above questions.


Friday, November 25th 2022, 10:03pm

I play with the game client, I tried to play via browser, it's even worse there.
Proxy is not activated.
I have completely restarted the router and do not have mobile data.
Transitions take several seconds, battle belt loops everything very slowly, start of battle only after several seconds etc etc.

I also had an update when starting the client, browser/cache is cleared.

Lags lags lags never ending story ........ sorry

Translated with (free version)


Saturday, November 26th 2022, 9:46am

fix yhis bad lag

2 days now you can play
fights are super delay
bags take soooo much time to open
sometimes location take some time to show
fighting mobs and mags are so laggy:(
pls fix this stuff this isnt funny anymore
:grrrr: :grrrr: :grrrr: :grrrr: