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Friday, January 13th 2023, 6:46pm

This theory

kek hi,

so it all started with a quick joke:

'this' could be 'shit' if you try rearrange da sequences of the 'em few letters... :lol:

so not going too dark deep into the night here,
but just trying 'em called a gathering dusk... :ninja:
and a related fun twist understanding of 'em above joke lies in these lyric lines of a song:

You're so ugly when you cry
Please, just cut it out :music:

hoooh, yeah, oohuuuuwow yeah~eh, ye ye'ye ye :wink:

But you put on quite a show
Really had me going
But now it's time to go
Curtain's finally closing :truce: :pain:
(Go on and take a bow :pie: :ghost: )

Please, what else is on

You better hurry up
Before the sprinklers come on 8o :yes:

That was quite a show
Very entertaining hmm eh yeah~
But it's over now
Go on and take a bow :pie: :snowball: :lol:

Alright peace, and respect to 'em above song composers and musicians...

i have also been at many live streaming singing tutorials recently and good song pieces by 'em singing instructors,

and tho it could be dangerous to practise wrongly,
and end up seeing a doctor who goes like: okey another self torture patient profile 365...

i came up with fun (and only, cause idk) version of singing kickstarter:

1. gently lay the tongue down in the mouth, make a natural wave shape and keep it that way, :bll: if ok put few drops of low vol liquor or water on it and try hold 'em... doNot swallow

2. start to think of the upper ceiling inside your mouth cavity like:
a. membrane from like a $10 speaker... yep soon maybe raising it up to like $15 if doing well lol,
b. or just Qatar 2022 Fifa World Cup logo... :angel: :teacher: :sneakers:

3. try shrink your chin, just thinking about it is ok, it will help open certain other area near pharynx or larynx or wherever da neck area, why would it? Prolly cause human face has got too many nerves and blood vessels that, it just works, plus brain is nearby... after all, only monkey did evolution on this planet Earth alright. Warning, doNot make a single sound yet, nor too hard squeeze, or maybe you would see the doctor having a sick gravelly voice like eeeeeeeh, or no need for a doc visit cause it may heal, not sure at all.

4. upon singing anything try bite every syllable of any lyrics or your humming preference very hard,
by hard it means: to bite each word like it is a piece of meat or thick slice of favored tropical fruit that they would drop liquid like a slow creek and draining them all,
even then is not enough,
it's like continue the bite till teeth crackles and getting bleeding gums in the mouth...

all for what? :yes: It's for that feel of some air flow coming up from down somewhere inside body by its natural subtle moves when doing word bites and use them to support the singing, the air be like couldn't go anywhere else but to come to your aid :smile: again no hurting, all metaphor.

if in number 4 the air flow part is not working, go stand up, go to a mirror, try do 123 your way, plus stare at the mirror and ask yourself, isn't this like an alien transformation phase 1 and such... wait, dont give up just yet, try feel your own breath in front of the mirror, and slowly say upon exhale with hard bite: phase 2 pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease :lol: brrhehekek

anyways i think singing is tiring, and hard, if only the learning process could be somewhat fun...
hi let's meet in game and have some fun :]
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Friday, January 13th 2023, 7:02pm

alien transformation phase

aka. artistic look or feel or temperament, could be gained by other art activities i suppose :woody:
hi let's meet in game and have some fun :]
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Friday, January 13th 2023, 7:14pm

sequences of the 'em few letters...

sequences of the 'em few letters...
hi let's meet in game and have some fun :]
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Monday, January 16th 2023, 4:52pm

What the heck are ya smokin ?


Sunday, January 22nd 2023, 11:40pm

to #4, yep hi, all good, i mean... kek :lol:

it's like mind fork knows no boundaries, :wall:

so are 'em home backyards legal and sometimes sorta not limited to, 'em plantaxionz :xmastree: ... :smoke:
hi let's meet in game and have some fun :]
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Thursday, January 26th 2023, 1:04am

Awesome answer lol i like you :yes: :xmastree: :xmasparty: