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Friday, January 6th 2023, 1:56am

I just got another 5 (FIVE) "Y"'s today. Please fix this as it's so disheartening when I haven't got an "M" since LAST YEAR hahaha.

Don't know whether to laugh or cry :lol: :cry: :lol: :cry:…ct_id=944075813 - This item may be exchanged

You can exchange letters with other players for those you are missing.

Seriously? Why did you change the item number???? Of course that letter can be exchanged but it isn't the one I linked :wall:
This is the link as per my original post showing the letter Y not the A that you somehow linked:-…ct_id=943834261

Who is going to exchange letters that can't be used in the event for ones that can?

Am I missing something or did you accidently misunderstand? Letter "Y" cannot be used in the game yet I currently have 13 of them. No one can use them so they are useless & therefore worthless to anyone :lol:

Just as last year, there may be a possibility to receive letters which are not applicable. This is not a bug.

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Thursday, January 12th 2023, 11:53am

The targert is protected by the magic of a Necromancer's amulet. Only Solumir's enchanted mirror can break this defence.

clearly can see the issue i hope


Friday, January 27th 2023, 3:38am

No mobs or coral in Deep Sea Valley.

Plus, when I try to pick coral in flaungard it never completes.

Who broke Underwater??? :grrrr:


Friday, January 27th 2023, 3:52am

also seems to have severe lag in fights and picking


Saturday, January 28th 2023, 4:18am

on page…p?obj=cat&id=13

the text ' The catapults fired from the city walls, doing there best to even out the number of victims. '

it'd be their not there best to even out bla bla bla
hi let's meet in game and have some fun :]
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