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Monday, June 29th 2020, 10:39am

Voluntary Checks and Voluntary Jailing

Voluntary Check
Those who want to be subjected to a voluntary investigation check post here:

The format should indicate:
1. Nick
2. Reason

What is important to know before applying for this:

1. Guards are not forced to check you. Someone may or may not accept your application. However if a guard does pick your application the following applies:

2. Think twice before you leave this application. If illegal trades/multis/problems are found, you will have a one week grace period to pay or even out your debts. Failure to do so will result in a curse, according to the game rules.

3. The fee for the check depends on your level:

Lvl 3-4: 5g
Lvl 5-6: 8g
Lvl 7-8: 10g
Lvl 9-10: 12g
Lvl 11-12: 15g
Lvl 13-14: 20g
Lvl 15: 25g
Lvl 16+: 30g

If the check cannot be completed for any reason the money will be returned to you.

4. Once a check has been applied for, the application cannot be canceled.

5. Other players that are found violating the rules during the check of your account will not receive the one week grace period but will be punished according to game rules.

Voluntary Jailing

If you want to put one or several of your accounts into jail, you can also apply here. Guards will check you for any pending violation and if you are clear they will apply a curse for voluntary imprisoning.

Please note: there will be a fine to pay, if you change your mind and want to continue or restart playing those accounts of 15 Diamonds.

Alternatively you have the option to delete your account. For this please submit a ticket to support. Please keep in mind, that once deleted, there will be no chance to recover your account!
:!: Guards open their doors for new members. Interested? Please apply here! :!:


Friday, May 5th 2023, 11:12am

check the imbalance

I want to check the imbalance between me and player Al Capone__.

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Wednesday, July 19th 2023, 2:04pm

can check how much was traded between me and since last 2x 100d certs he sent me :rose:

i will contact you ingame
Greetz Toomi
Instert credit to continue

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Friday, November 10th 2023, 4:07pm

I want to check the imbalance between -TITI and -Rhaegal

:) - Tribi - will be in touch about this

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