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Thursday, February 1st 2024, 5:08pm

[Quest] Magical Megaphone

Dear people,

Below, it is a walkthrough info (on magmar side) for the quest Magical Megaphone:

1. When login into the game, a small parchment scroll is received with an encrypted message: Old Parchment
In inventory backpack, section Quests, click Use on Parchment
"You have begun the quest Magic Megaphone. Good luck! Show the Scroll of the Heralds Flavviy the Wise."

2. Flavviy the Wise:
Your goal: Talk to Sheara. Pay 1 gold, for 2 gifts, which to give to Godess.

Gifts are purchased from shop at Faytir:
Admiration Box of Flowers
Sweet Chest

3. Sheara (she is always in Heavens!):
Your goal: Go to Tungur the Smith and talk with him.

4. Tungur (at the Ancestrial Mountains):
Your goal: Go to Chigrik the Thief to get Gold bar from him.

5. Chigrik the Thief (in Glade of Dreams):
Your goal: Go to Kretches' Lair, fight the Spider Patriarch there and obtain Tangle of silver web. After this, go back to Chigrik the Thief.

6. Chigrik the Thief (returned to him, after Spider in Kretch lair is killed):
Your goal: Go back to Tungur the Smith and give him Gold bar and 1 gold.

7. Tungur:
Your goal: Go to Brugilda the Sorceress and ask her about sorcery.

8. Brugilda (in Village Maetro, near Ice Grotto) :
Your goal: Obtain 30 Sighing Grass, 30 Dragon Blood, 30 Crystal Sturgeon and go back to Brugilda the Sorceress.

Sighing Grass
Dragon Blood
Crystal Sturgeon

9. Brugilda (after delivered 30+30+30):
Your goal: Go to the Dragon at Striagorn and ask him about Golden Dust of Ages.

10. Striagorn (in Hell Pass):
Your goal: Go to The Gurraldiy's Head Tavern and take chest from Givens.

11. Givens (in Vardaliya port Tavern):
Your goal: Using key, open chest, fight the Guardian [3] and bring the Golden Dust of Ages thus obtained to Brugilda the Sorceress.

Here, on chest opened, you get attacked by a Guardian [3]. (Note: Life points (HP) of Guardian [3] depends on player level: Guardian has 37,500 HP on my level 9, a player of lvl 20 may face Guardian with 105,000 HP, for example).
In that battle:

- Victory gives 1x quest item + 1x pack of cards;
- Defeat gives 1x quest item (It means Defeat still works to complete all the quests)
quest item > Gold Dust of Ages
pack of cards > Pack of Cards

12. Brugilda:
Statements and Answers (she asks, you answer):
she: To start with, anyway, remind me what do these Heralds do?
you: Run official social media groups, organize quizzes and report on important Faeo news

she: That’s right, warrior, that’s pretty much how I remember it. And who helps them with their activities?
you: The curious Little Dragon Urchi is helping the Heralds to spread the good news.

she: I definitely remember the dragon. So restless... And when are you saying the Heralds celebrate their birthday?
you: February 1

she: Well, that’s right now! And who can become a Herald?
you: choose the first answer "..... heart"

she: What are the requirements... Do they need to pay an entrance fee? How much does it cost to become a Herald?
you: Joining the structure is free

Your goal: Take the megaphone to Sheara

13. Sheara:
- You have completed the quest Magic Megaphone.
- Achievement accomplished "Magic Megaphone"
- Received: Golden Megaphone of the Heralds with Gifts 1 pcs

In your backpack / inventory, section Quests: once opened the Megaphone chest gives:
- Received: Talent Coin 50 pcs, Balagrion Coin 1 pcs, Herald’s Gifts Chest 1 pcs, Mithril Key 1 pcs.

The Talent Coins:
The Herald’s Gifts Chest:

:cool: Good luck! :cool:

Use time smart , make a progress !

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