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Thursday, February 15th 2024, 11:25pm

[CRACKERJACK] Secret diary - Down the Rabbit hole

Warrior! Let's experience CrackerJack's travel adventures together!!

"Luckily the spinning stopped at some point and I started to feel a bit strange. But I went down the tunnel without feeling like I was falling. At first the tunnel was narrow, but then it got wider and wider like a real cave. The walls and the air were full of indescribable odds and ends, some of them things I had never seen before. It was all terribly interesting! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take any of it with me to examine it. Whenever I reached for something, it seemed to move away."

Your Task(s)
Draw or make three of the objects that CrackerJack might have seen during his fall down the rabbit hole.
Describe their possible function with at least 5 sentences per object.
Don't forget the reference to our world Faeo!

Krieger! Lasst uns zusammen die Reiseerlebnisse von CrackerJack erleben!!

"Zum Glück hörte das Drehen irgendwann auf, mir wurde schon etwas komisch. Aber ich fiel immer noch nach unten, ohne das Gefühl zu haben, zu fallen. Zuerst war der Tunnel eng und schmal, wurde dann aber immer breiter wie in einer richtigen Höhle. Die Wände und die Luft waren voll mit unbeschreiblichem Krimskrams, teilweise Dinge, die ich noch die gesehen hatte. Es war furchtbar interessant! Leider war es mir nicht möglich, etwas davon mitzunehmen und zu untersuchen. Immer, wenn ich nach etwas gegriffen hatte, schien es sich zu entfernen."

Deine Aufgabe(n):
Male oder bastel drei der Gegenstände, die CrackerJack während seines Falls im Kaninchenloch gesehen haben könnte.
Beschreibe ihre mögliche Funktion mit mindestens 5 Sätzen pro Gegenstand.
Vergiss nicht den Bezug zu unserer Welt Feo!

22.02.24 - 01.03.24 at 18:00

More information about the event here and more about the rules here

Mehr Informationen zum Event hier und mehr zu den Regeln findet ihr hier!

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Friday, February 23rd 2024, 7:52pm

As I was flying down the rabbit hole, I saw something interesting. I often go to a tavern and there is a frying pan there. And this was a frying pan with a mesh on the bottom and a lid on top. It looks like a suitcase with a handle and in the shape of a heart. I think if you pour the dough, press it and put it on fire, the heart will come out of a light airy dough. If a mesh is imprinted on the heart, then it can be spread with jam and it will not spread over the surface. The innkeeper would pay a lot of money for such a thing. On Valentine's Day, these dough hearts would be in demand. Oh, I missed this wonderful thing.
There was a lot more, but I remember one more thing. I'm a fisherman. This thing is similar to my fishing rod, but with a larger ball of line. If there is so much fishing line, then it can be thrown into the middle of the reservoir. There is only one hook on my fishing rod, but there are many of them. Each hook can hold a different bait. There's also a small bell there. It will probably work if it takes the bait. While fishing like this, you can take a nap and not miss your catch.
Another thing I can't forget is the board on wheels. How simple and compact it is. I could ride around my estate on a board like this. This is a time saver. First, a branch was nailed to the board. You can hold on to it while moving. Such a simple thing. Although I didn’t receive it, I remembered how to do it. As soon as I get out of the hole, I will definitely do it. So as not to forget about these things, I made sketches in my diary


Sunday, February 25th 2024, 5:12pm

Cloak of Elvenkind
According to ancient legends, this might be the cloak of the elven leader himself. The highest representative of the ancient race, known for its cunning and pride, wore it while spying into the territory of hostile orcs. No one knew what happened to the elf spy cloak until it was rediscovered. It seems that the extraordinary power of this item allows the owner to deceive nearby patrols. They lose their vigilance and see no threat in a visitor from hostile lands.

Rose whip

An object created by a traitor of his own race to give a chance to resist the power of the most powerful artefact left by the serpent deity [sacred snake's vision].

Thanks to his knowledge of alchemy and war craftsmanship, this miraculous whip was created, topped with roses, as a sign of a fair fight. It allows the power of the Sacred Snake's God to be dispersed . Furthermore, thanks to the thorns accompanying the existence of the roses, it leaves a retribution effect on the follower of the evil ruler. However, in the case of misunderstood the intentions of the opponent, these thorns injure the bearer of the weapon, leaving a terrible wound. Before it heals, first must wait a full hour, during which time no vampirism effects work . Frequency of use: 3 times a week

Sacred snake's vision

Long before the age of dragons came about, a Snake God ruled the world. However, he was betrayed by one of his kinsmen, as a result of which he poured some of his power into this item so that future generations would remember his power by using it.This special item gives you incredibile piece of snake god's power thanks to that you can see threw hidden face masks of different players. In addition you could also hide your own information from enemies eyes The snake traitor, however, was not indebted to this. Thanks to his knowledge and experience, he created an item capable of nullifying the power of this artefact.


Sunday, February 25th 2024, 5:53pm

As I plummeted deeper into the rabbit hole, my senses were assaulted by a barrage of surreal sights, among them the fantastical objects that drifted past me. One such object that seized my attention was a deck of cards unlike any I had ever seen before. When gathered together, the cards formed the shape of a magnificent winged cat. Its form shimmered and shifted as if alive, the intricate patterns on each card seamlessly blending into the next. It was as though the very essence of the feline spirit had been captured within the deck, imbuing it with an otherworldly aura that sent shivers down my spine.

But the strangeness didn't end there. As I gazed upon this mesmerizing spectacle, my attention was drawn to another fantastical creature.. a rabbit unlike any I had ever seen. Perched atop its head was a shinny book making sweet melodies and echoes of begone tales of the very first magmars and humans, its pages unfurling in the air like wings. The rabbit's eyes twinkled with mischief, and I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe and wonder in its presence. It was as if this creature held the key to unlocking the mysteries of Faeo, and I was eager to follow wherever it might lead.

As I ventured deeper into the rabbit hole, I stumbled upon a genie lamp, its golden surface aglow with mystical energy. With a hopeful rub, a sleek black cat emerged, offering me a wish with a voice like velvet. In awe, I whispered my desire, feeling the weight of possibility in this surreal realm. With a graceful nod, the cat vanished, leaving me to marvel at the magic around me..


Wednesday, February 28th 2024, 6:17pm

CrackerJack - Im Kaninchenbau

Da war eine Falle, in der man
eigentlich Katzen, Kaninchen und Marder fängt. Ich denke, hier in
Feo kann man diese Falle besser verwenden. Der werte Torgor aus der
Siedlung Tschernag möchte doch immer wieder mal Krets haben. Ich bin
mir sicher, dass man mit dieser Falle auch Krets fangen kann. Bleibt
nur die Frage nach dem Köder. Vielleicht mögen Krets auch
Atscha-Junge wie der Gisedor. Vielleich fressen sie aber auch alles,
was sie zu fassen kriegen. Ich werde mich mal umhören.

Und den supertollen Wasserschlauch
nehme ich auch gerne an. Er ist aus Leder und hat einen Stopfen, der
mit einer Kette befestigt ist. Den werde ich sicher nicht verlieren,
wenn ich den Wasserschlauch mit dem köstlichen Wasser von Feo
auffülle. Auffüllen geht prima in Wurdalia, in der stillen Bucht
und auch bei Undine, wenn sie nicht böse wird und mich davon jagdt.
Hm, aber was ist mit dem Brunnen im Dorf Swiglod? Ist da eigentlich
noch Wasser drinnen. Aber Wein kann ich auch einfüllen …
vielleicht besser als Wasser.

Da fiel mir eine
goldfarbene Dose ins Auge und sogleich griff ich danach. Polierpaste
… AHA! Ahaaaaaa, da meine Rüstung durch die vielen Kämpfe auch in
und am Wasser einiges an Rost angesetzt hat, kommt mir diese Paste
gerade zurecht. An einigen Stellen bewegt sich meine Rüstung auch
nicht mehr so gut, weil da so viel Rost dran ist. Damit der Rost
nicht sagt: Raste! Trifft in meinem Fall wirklich zu. Und ich würde
die Rüstung vielleicht sogar zum Glänzen bringen. Das wäre bei
Sonnenlicht auf dem Schlachtfeld sicher von Vorteil, da der Gegeer
geblendet wird.