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Saturday, March 9th 2024, 12:33am

Blessing lifetimes

Sooooo... hi,
I've been gone from the game for some time by now, I just logged on and wanted to reflect what actually made me leave, so just some honest feedback and one easy to change bullet point which would increase the possibility of player comebacks a lot.
What made me leave? Honestly I don't really know, I probably lost the interest to invest that much time
But whats stopping me from coming back? Exaclty one thing: The 30 day / 90 day lifetime of blessings.

It is impossible to take a break for a certain amount of time and just log back on to continue playing when you feel like it, because everything you need to actually play the game is gone.
I haven't logged on in about 6 months now, but tonight I had the urge to look around and see what happened. But (Besides my curse) it's impossible for me to just start playing again and maybe find the fun and joy I once had playing this game. The time and money, combined with the luck to log on at the right time to buy certain blessings, which is needed to have some fun hours playing, after someone has been gone for a few months just makes it nearly impossible for players to come back to the game.

Do whatever you want with that feedback, I just wanted to share my personal thoughts and with that an idea to improve the process of keeping players but also winning them back.

Have fun.


Saturday, March 9th 2024, 1:44pm

It is impossible to take a break for a certain amount of time and just log back on to continue playing when you feel like it, because everything you need to actually play the game is gone.
I agree, I was thinking to make a post about that.
Many people leaved the game, and after some month come back, check their almost empty bag, leave and never come back.

After many years in game, in a old game, many many people play much less than at begining, and when you lose your stuff, that don't lead to play more or simply log on.

It's like the time .... why do we have to wait so long for move, collect plant with fail fail ... today 25mn to get 10 herb for seasonal quest ... when you have 1h free for play need log on ...

Now are also reputation we can't grow when we have time for. Are some rep or event just twice a year lasting 8-10 days long. If you aren't here exactly at the right time, you can't grow your rep. What's the goal of that?

I remember the eggs deck, we had to feed the egg once per day, so you could feed when you log on the morning per exemple and log again the day after the evening. Was much more comfortable and playable than what they did: every 24h or even 30h. I lost my egg and will never more care on that. Same about rep.

So when you start to skip some event, rep active twice a year and randomly... we even don't know when it will possible to grow rep, when you have lost most of your friends who never come back even not time to time,because they lost everything, when you spend a lot of time waiting, when you can't organize your time the way you want to do certain reps or events, when you lose a lot of your stuff when you take a break.... that lead to lose the few motivation that remain.

Just consider that the game is just a game and our priority is our life, and make some rep or event twice a year, make lifetime on stuff, bless, that will never motivate lot of players who remain in game, to log on every days anymore.

The game is more and more empty, perhaps it is time to adapt the game to players who no longer have the same way of playing after 10+ years of intensive play, if we want them to stay and others to come back.


Saturday, March 9th 2024, 3:27pm

:sleep: yeah am asking for years now why do we still have some items with time on it ..whats the point of it so we cant stack it or what...are u so scared we could have 100s of buffs in our backpack..who cares if we have 1 pot of gold or 1k..but if i cant log in or whatever and all those buffs/items are gone is like u say to me we dont care u need to be here 24/7...well not all can do that we have other stuff to think about making items with out time like u did on ee skulls :sleep:


Saturday, March 9th 2024, 6:19pm

I could say a lot about this, losing 100's of buffs only last week because I forgot about them - some that we used to be able to reset simply by equipping them but was changed last year or thereabouts - despite logging in every day for 12+ years on different accounts before starting this one, I'll just continue by saying...

+1 to all the above :smoke:


Saturday, March 9th 2024, 7:35pm

Exactly... hundreds, for higher levels thousands of gold disappear...

I am also not playing because of my curse mainly, which I could pay off and become free again. But then I have to buy battle elixirs, exp drain elixirs again, fill the 400g in the Trade Fair of Wonders, to be able to buy more elixirs, then when I stop playing for a few months, everything is gone.

So why would we pay money in. In Germany we also say: "Sosis aus Flasche statt Köfte vom Grill".

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